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Structural engineering firm celebrates success in Canada

Structural engineering firm Cintec International, whose head office is based in Newport, South Wales, is proud to announce a further major success for their work on the restoration of the West Block of Parliament is one of the largest rehabilitation projects in North America.

The West Block Parliamentary Building, Canada

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Having worked on various other projects in North America, including the Statue of Liberty, the Simpson Tower, The White House and the rest of the world such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Their latest success in Canada emerges as a result of the company utilising its patented anchoring system.

The West Block was constructed between 1860 and 1865. The West Block is one of the three buildings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario that forms the Parliamentary precinct.


In 1987 the building was damaged by a fire and major repair and restoration work has been carried out to ensure that these historic buildings continue to serve Canadians for many years.

The restoration of the West Block of Parliament is one of the largest rehabilitation projects in North America. A phenomenal sum of $863 million was required to completely renovate the West Block, which re-opened on 28 January 2019 – a huge project to be a part of and yet another huge accomplishment for the Welsh based company.

Cintec played a major part in the repair of the West Block with a total of 10,000 anchors providing seismic and structural reinforcement of the building – more than 200 masons worked on the building daily; the overall project is estimated to have created or sustained approximately 5,000 jobs.

Robert Lloyd Rees, CEO of Cintec North America, said:

“The West Block restoration is just one example of the many projects that we have undertaken over the last decade, restoring some of North America’s most iconic and historical buildings using Cintec’s extremely successful patented anchoring system.”

Peter James, Chairman of Cintec International, said: “Robert and his team’s recent completion of the West Block is testament to how we tailor make solutions to structural problems in historical buildings.

The 19thcentury building was completely modernised with state-of-the-art facilities, while the heritage and character-defining elements were preserved with the utmost respect and sensitivity.”