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Surebets betting strategy: what to start from?

Surebet strategy really works when it comes to profit, and many professional arbers are already convinced in its effectiveness.


Surebet is an arbitrage situation, which enables the gambler to bet the opposing outcomes of the event (fight, race) and get profit with any final score.

All surebets are divided into Live and Prematch depending on the time the event begins. It’s really important to follow the steps to succeed using this method:

  • determine your initial bankroll;
  • spare some time for arbing;
  • choose sportsbooks and betting software;
  • distribute your funds between the bookmakers wisely.

Useful tips for newbies

Initial bankroll. Actually, it’s possible to start with 100 euros/dollars, but pros recommend to give it a start with 500-600 euros.

Having a sufficient amount, you’ll have a possibility to get a pretty good monthly profit. You can increase your bankroll eventually, which will only increase your earnings.

Time for work. You should understand that dedicating only 30 min a day for arbitrage betting (surebetting), you won’t get any tangible profit.

It’s justified to start from 15-20 hours per week. Later on you can reduce the working time with gaining some experience and getting to acquaint yourself with Live arbs.

Sportsbooks. One of the most important factors when working with surebets is a right choice of bookmakers.

The most appropriate way is to select some sharp loyal bookies (Pinnacle + Sbobet) mixing them with least loyal but those, which usually participate in arbitrage situations (Marathonbet, FavBet etc).

Eventually, you should have 5-6 sportsbooks, and you should equally divide the funds between them. Sometimes, there might be a necessity to top up the bookmaker account.

Surebet software. You may independently search for arbitrage situations, but since it’s not the easiest way, arbers usually tend to use arbitrage scanners.

Credit: BetBurger

Currently, BetBurger is an unconditional leader in this sphere, which analyzes more than 70 bookmaker lines.

The scanner calculates the outcomes of different bookmakers and provides the results in the convenient table. Arber just have to select the arb according to the settings to make a bet in one click.

Moreover, BetBurger provide Prematch and Live surebets for more than 30 kinds of sport. And the software enables you to get information on value bets and middles.


Surebetting may bring you real income, but you need to understand the way it works to successfully use it.

For the record, BetBurger surebet scanner provides a perfect and helpful section with training materials to figure out the key points of the arbitrage betting.