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Swansea company helps fight the pandemic with automated disinfection robots

Director Amin Farah and Business Development Consultant Stuart Davies with the NEO UV-C Disinfection Robot.

State of the art robots that can automatically sanitise a whole building are in high demand from Swansea-based company Evolve Raybotix – the only UK supplier of the new machines, which were developed by its parent company specifically to tackle Covid-19.

Hundreds of the robots have been supplied worldwide to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, cinemas, sports centres and offices, as well as clinics and schools. The UV-C Ozone disinfection robots use UV-C light supported by an ozone generating function for maximum disinfection and peace of mind. These robots come in three sizes: the Evolve Raybotix SOL, the Evolve Raybotix EOS and the Evolve Raybotix NEO, enabling application to a wide range of sectors and spaces.

The automated machines map surroundings and use a combination of UV-C light and ozone to kill 99.9 percent of microorganisms on all surfaces by destroying their DNA structures. It’s an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way to quickly and safely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Cleaning times start from just six minutes. As well as being quick and thorough, these machines have minimal operating costs.

Amin Farah of Evolve Robotics said:

We’re proud to be the only UK supplier of these unique disinfection robots. Our parent company worked hard to develop a practical and powerful solution to the pandemic, and the result is a game changer for businesses and organisations needing to swiftly disinfect their premises. Our robots provide a safe and thorough way to ensure peace of mind for staff and customers and have been in high demand here in the UK. We’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries as word spreads about what these robots can do.”

The robots have been designed in Italy by a team of engineers with a history of working with high profile, innovative brands including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.  Parent company Autognity is renowned worldwide for its expertise in artificial intelligence and industrial automation.

Enzo Catenacci, the co-founder of Raybotics NewCo and business development chief officer of Purity Group, of which Autognity is part, added:

When the pandemic hit, we talked about how we, as a well-resourced organisation, felt obliged to use our skills in engineering – inventing something new to contain the biological risk.

“Seeing daily infection rates rapidly increase meant bringing this product to market was time critical. The team worked around the clock to deliver a solution in less than two months despite supply chain challenges and swift onboarding of staff to facilitate speed. We have sold hundreds of units worldwide, with orders increasing day by day from a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, commercial cleaning, education, transport and healthcare. 

“The feedback is very positive. Organisations are investing in these systems because they know they need to respond quickly to survive as a business. There is concern about the confidence and safety of the public and an obligation to do everything possible to support the recovery of our economy.”

Evolve Raybotix have been conducting demonstrations online as well as socially distanced at client premises to showcase the capabilities of these machines.

Martin Morgan of Morgans Hotel Swansea said: 

“When we heard that this technology was available in Swansea, we immediately requested a demonstration as it is an ideal solution to swift sanitisation of hotel rooms on changeover.  Guests have full confidence that their room, which is sealed following the disinfection process, has been sanitised to the highest possible standard. We strive to offer a premium service at Morgans Hotel and this demonstrates we are going the extra mile to restore public confidence in the hospitality sector.”

These disinfecting robots are being distributed exclusively in the UK via Evolve Raybotix, based in the ILS2 at Swansea University.