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Taking a Look at the Best Casinos in Cardiff

Cardiff is jam-packed with fun activities for all kinds of people. So, you love shopping? Take a trip to the Royal Arcade? Do you love to explore castles? Cardiff hosts more castles than any other city in the UK.

If you love casino entertainment, you’ll feel right at home in Cardiff thanks to casinos like Les Croupiers and Grosvenor. Speaking of which, below are the top casinos to visit in Cardiff city.

1—Les Croupiers

Founded in 1968, Les Croupiers used to be located at Cardiff’s St. Mary Street. However, it later relocated to Leckwith Road to provide more spacious gaming floors and parking space.

All the same, “The Croups” is arguably the most prestigious casino in Cardiff. It is a sports friendly casino with a sports bar that shows different sports events from Sky Sports TV.

Les Croupiers welcomes every adult who wishes to experience casino gambling through its doors. All you need is a valid ID and be dressed smartly. Then you could play hundreds of its slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and craps games.

Another reason to visit Les Croupiers is the food and drinks, from chicken wings and fries to tea and soft drinks. What’s more, the casino hosts live casino games for poker, blackjack and roulette almost daily.

If you can’t make it to Les Croupiers, then check out these live online casinos. They have dozens of high-quality games. Play them here.

2—Grosvenor Casino

Similar to the Croups, Grosvenor has an open-door policy. Anyone can visit the casino as long as they are of legal age. You could also sign up for membership to benefit from comps but it’s not mandatory.

When it comes to first impressions, Grosvenor is huge, and properly decorated. It blends classic with contemporary interior designs to appeal to a large audience. Game-wise, Grosvenor has all the major types of games found in casinos.

We’re talking about 1000+ slots, including classic video and progressive slots. Then it features electronic gaming machines and live table games: Poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat, to name a few.

Grosvenor is a famous casino brand in the UK. And usually, all its casinos have bars and restaurants. Grosvenor Casino Cardiff is no exception.

3—Club 3000

Located in North Cardiff, Club 3000 is a small casino for slot and bingo lovers. What’s more, they have a restaurant and bar with reasonably priced food and drinks.

Truth be told, Club 3000 is more popular with bingo players than slot or poker fans. That’s because of its daily bingo games and electronic markets. You can always mark your tickets manually. But electronic marking helps you play multiple games at once. However, keep in mind that electronic bingo is a tad more expensive than paper bingo.

Away from bingo and slots, Club 3000 has a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy a meal, drink or play a game of pool with friends.

4—Ladbrokes Cardiff

Ladbrokes needs no introduction. It is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the country. The company’s branch in Cardiff is located at Cardiff Bay and opens on a daily basis except during bank holidays.

Unlike some of its competitors, Ladbrokes is a neat betting shop with friendly staff. It features betting markets for all major sports in the UK, from football and rugby to tennis and cricket.

Being a betting shop, there’s nothing much to do at Ladbrokes besides placing your bets. If you would rather be at a place where you can have fun with friends, then consider going to a real casino.

5—Castle Bingo

Located in Newport Road, Casino Bingo is one of the best bingo halls in the city. It opens daily from mid-morning to 11 pm. Afternoon sessions start at 12 pm whereas evening bingo begins at 6 pm.

Bingo tickets costs differently depending on the day. On Tuesdays, you can buy tickets that cost as little as £2. However, there are days when tickets costs as much as £7.

How to Win Casino Games in Cardiff

One of the most popular complaints people have about Cardiff casinos is that it’s difficult to win. Truth be told, whether you win casino games depends on luck, skills and the games you choose.

  • Choose Top-RTP Games

RTP is short for Return to Player. It describes the amount of gambled money a game is designed to pay back to players over time. RTP is calculated as a percentage. As such, you want slots with the highest RTP rates.

If you love table games, however, focus on the house edge. It describes a casino’s inherent advantage over players. In other words, you want a casino with the lowest house edge.

  • Learn Different Strategies

Every casino game has a strategy you can use to increase your odds of winning. Take slots as an example. They are games of chance. But if you bet maximum amounts, you increase your maximum profits.

On the other hand, blackjack has strategies like card counting and basic blackjack. These strategies lower the house advantage. When it comes to poker, it’s all about your bluffing and folding skills.

  • Specialize in One Game

It is difficult to become a top poker player. But if you also try to win blackjack, roulette and craps, you lessen your chances of ever excelling at any of these games.

The solution: Choose one or two games to specialize in. For example, you make blackjack your primary casino games of choice. That way, you can dedicate your time to practicing and learning multiple strategies.

  • Stay Within Your Budget

As we’ve already mentioned, many casino games have an edge over players. As a result, winning casino games is not a guarantee. That said, you shouldn’t overspend in search of a huge win.

Even when you’re on a losing streak, the last thing you should do is to spend beyond your budget.


There are two major casinos in Cardiff: Les Croupiers and Grosvenor. If you want to have fun on slots and live games, visit one of the casinos. Also, use the tips shared above to increase your winning potential.