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The full list of new bus lane and yellow box cameras in Cardiff

New cameras will enforce three yellow box junctions, a further bus lane and a no entry point and fixed penalty notices will be issued against drivers that breach the rules from June 25th.

The new cameras that will enforce the yellow box junctions are located at the Leckwith Gyratory junction of the A4323 slip road to both Hadfield Road and Leckwith Road and the A4232 Eastern Bay Link Road Gyratory with Ocean Way.

The new camera enforcing the no entry point is Lindon Grove in Rumney and the new enforced bus lane is on Cowbridge Road East.

These new cameras are part of the council’s ongoing Moving Traffic Enforcement Scheme to penalise drivers that breach the Highway Code to the determent of the other drivers on the roads.

This now brings the number of Moving Traffic Offence cameras to 41 with 19 enforcing bus lanes, 6 enforcing yellow box junctions, 12 enforcing banned turns and 4 enforcing no entry to certain streets.

In addition to the new cameras above, the cameras are located in the following locations:

Bus Lanes

  • Newport Road before the junction with Colchester Avenue
  • Newport Road before the junction with Rover Way
  • Newport Road before the junction with Beresford Road
  • Newport Road before the junction with Station Terrace
  • Newport Road before the junction with West Grove
  • Newport Road before the junction with Fitzalan Place
  • Custom House Street East Bound
  • Custom House Street West Bound
  • Duke Street
  • Kingsway South West Bound
  • North Road after Boulevard De Nantes
  • Caerphilly Road after the junction with Phoenix Road
  • Caerphilly Road before the junction with Pum Erw Road
  • Caerphilly Road before the junction with Tair Erw Road
  • Crwys Road
  • Park Place
  • Llantrisant Road
  • Southern Way
  • Churchill Way Rear of Motorpoint Arena.

Yellow Box Junctions

  • Dumfries Place / Station Terrace / Newport Road
  • Leckwith Road / Brian Way / Athletic Stadium
  • Bute Street / Bute Terrace / Hayes Bridge Road / Custom House Street
  • Adam Street / Central Link.

Banned Turns

  • No Left Turn – Hayes Bridge Road into John Lewis Car Park
  • No Left Turn – Birchgrove Road into Manor Way
  • No Left Turn – Amorth Road into Cowbridge Road West
  • No Left Turn (Except Buses and Taxis) – St Marys Street into Mill Lane
  • No Left Turn (Except Buses and Taxis) – Westgate Street into Wood Street
  • No Right Turn (Except Buses) – Newport Road into New Road
  • No Right Turn – North Road into College Road
  • No Right Turn – Colum Road into Corbett Road No Right Turn – Crystal Glen into Heathwood Road
  • No Right Turn – Piercefield Place into Newport Road
  • No Right Turn – Churchill Way into North Edward Street
  • No U Turn – Newport Road at Junction with Wordsworth Avenue.

 No Entry

  • Paget Street
  • Malvern Drive East Bound
  • Malvern Drive West Bound.