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The Gambling Sector in Wales – Good or Bad?

Wales isn’t the first country that you’d associate with gambling. We all know who’d win in a gambling face-off between Vegas and Cardiff! Even so, both online and offline gambling in Wales is very legal and highly popular.

There’s a tarnished view on the gambling industry in general though. But, does this apply to the gambling situation in Wales? Even though there is a genuine risk of gambling addiction, as confirmed by a recent report from Bangor University, it still stands as a popular past time for many.

Online gamblers are discovering new UK betting sites so regularly, with bookies throwing out a plethora of welcome bonus offers and no deposit bonuses. These are valuable incentives and offers to take on and provide an excellent way for potential punters to learn how sportsbooks and betting works.

With relatively low barriers of entry into the online markets—especially when compared to traditional bookies and casinos—it’s easy to see why the Welsh population is very much enjoying gambling.

The internet has spurred this sector into action; some may argue this a good thing, especially for the economy and the VIP high rollers who make a living out of gambling. However, some literally can’t see anything but the bad.

A Possible Gambling Problem?

With two teams in the Championship, that’s an imposing situation to be in for a relatively small country. As the success of the football teams increases, this attracts more and more attention towards sports betting.

The UK Gambling Commission proactively polices gambling throughout the UK, including Wales. And so, you could say that by regulating it so well, it promotes gambling as a matter of course. Although it reports on the levels of gambling problems in Wales, one can’t help but feel it could step up and do that little bit extra.

But what can it actually do? Are its proverbial hands tied? Gambling generates a considerable amount of commerce for the region, and the country needs to remain competitive with the rest of Europe and the ever-growing online betting world.

What would happen if gambling in Wales became illegal? Would it go underground and generate more crime and poverty since there’d be zero regulation?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to these questions. But, it would be false to ignore the fact that bookmakers, both on and offline, provide much-needed jobs, perhaps to those who wouldn’t deliberately seek employment in this area. Don’t forget that Wales led the UK in employment growth not so long ago.

What Does the Future Hold?

It’s hard to believe that unless resources—and by that, we’re talking funding—are thrown at the harmful effects of gambling, the problem won’t go away.

Is it a lack of awareness and understanding? Are the legal age limits set too low? Surely, if we, the public, understood more about the risk and rewards of betting and gambling, then it could serve as something more positive?

Perhaps our beloved Brexit will force the hands of the powers that be to make a change to the gambling sector. Who knows whether this will be a positive outcome.

Stricter regulation and barriers to entry could stifle the contribution the sector brings to the Welsh economy. The creation of funding to prevent the addiction, which causes severe health and social problems, could have more of an impact than first thought.

It Begins at Home

No matter the current state of the gambling sector, we still have a choice. It’s up to us whether we place a bet. It’s up to us whether we head down to Chepstow Racecourse to soak up the atmosphere on a day at the races.

Perhaps if we were a little more prudent and controlling over our actions, we could have fun gambling without breaking the bank and feeding our impulsive weaknesses.

Add in a catalyst of increased education on gambling and the sector in general, and maybe prevented the bad and promoting the bad really is possible.