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The popularity of blackjack in online casinos

Whether you call it twenty-one, pontoon or blackjack, this simple card game has long been a favourite in casinos across the globe. Indeed, you’re just as likely to see blackjack glamorised in films like James Bond as you are poker. That’s because, as simple as this game appears, it also comes with a big dose of excitement and strategy, which has cemented it as one of the most popular games in casino history.

You might think the big draw of blackjack is to be there in that casino, facing off against your dealer. But online casinos have made huge advances in ensuring virtual blackjack is just as much fun as the real thing.

Online blackjack is convenient

The cool thing about online blackjack – and other popular casino games – is that it’s convenient because, for most of us, visiting a real casino is more of a holiday thing rather than a weekly or monthly occurrence. With blackjack now being readily available online, anyone can play from anywhere and at any time of the day. For example, many play at sites like Casumo Casino. You can read an expert review here first to confirm it will suit your requirements.

Enjoy a few rounds during that tedious train commute to work or while you’re relaxing at home. All you need is something like a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection; then you’re ready to play. Plus, with no travel costs, expensive drinks or hotel bills – you’ll have a bigger budget to play.

A far greater variety of games

When it comes to visiting a real casino – there are three in the busy city of Cardiff – you will find that these establishments come with perhaps one or two varieties of blackjack for their customers. With online games, though, you can easily find casinos that offer ten or more different variations. So, if you have a hankering to play a rare or less popular type of blackjack, it’s far easier to search online and find your perfect game. All without needing to travel.

Live dealers bring back that excitement

Of course, even with the variety and convenience, online blackjack still faced one major problem – there just wasn’t the same thrill or excitement of playing and interacting with a real dealer. Because of this lack of user experience, many online casinos felt they needed something new to keep blackjack players interested.

This desire for innovation is why so many have added live dealer games to their websites. This ingenious move is the main reason that online blackjack received a second wind in popularity. As, not only do these live dealer rooms encourage past players who had become bored with faceless rooms to return, the new and exciting technology attracts new players to the fold. Especially for casino enthusiasts who had held off trying online blackjack based on the fact they wanted to interact with a real dealer.

Now, with live dealer rooms, online casinos are benefiting from a new surge in revenue. As more and more players are trying online blackjack in a virtual room where they can chat and interact with their dealer in real-time, all in a far more personal environment.

You can avoid all the pressure

While some people live for the excitement of facing off against a real, live dealer – whether that be online or in a brick and mortar casino – for others, this is too much pressure. Especially when, if you make a mistake, there are lots of eyes on you that can laugh and judge you on that silly error.

For these players, this is what makes online casinos far more pleasing, as you can be as anonymous as you like, sitting behind a screen name. So, if you do make a mistake, all anyone sees is that username, making for a more relaxed gaming environment for all concerned.

For those who dislike pressure, most online casinos have blackjack rooms that are ideal for beginners. Here you’ll find laid-back rooms that are centred around being stress-free, where you can casually play and even make a few friends along the way. Plus, by being so casual, it allows you to hone and practice, developing skills that will be essential if you’d like to try a live dealer room in the future.

One thing is for certain, with the online gaming sector continuing to grow, these casino operators are eager to keep their players happy. So, expect to see a lot of this revenue injected back into making the user experience even better. If they reinvest in technology and promotions, it can only mean that the future of blackjack and other casino games will stay as popular as ever.