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Magnesium Glycinate UK: Top 5 Supplements to try 2023

Magnesium Glycinate also known as magnesium bisglycinate contains magnesium and glycine (an amino acid) and is a mineral supplement that provides administered levels of magnesium to the blood of those who are deficient. The mineral itself is very important for the normal functioning of your body. It usually exists in our day to day balanced diet but there can be many reasons why your body is still deficient in Magnesium. It is possible that you might not be able to get the magnesium you need from your diet as it might not be healthy enough, which is why Magnesium supplements are so popular. Similarly, there can be different medical conditions that can result in a magnesium deficiency.

What is the best magnesium glycinate supplement?

1. MAGSUPPS Magnesium Glycinate

What we love about MAGSUPPS is not only their high-quality, trusted magnesium products but their enthusiasm for transparency around magnesium supplements and education on the benefits of the different types of magnesium.

MAGSUPPS Magnesium Glycinate capsules combines magnesium with glycine, a natural amino acid with some impressive superpowers of its own. Together, they work synergistically to create one of the most bioavailable types of magnesium on the market.

You’ll find a high-strength dose of 750mg of pure, non-buffered magnesium biglycinate per capsule delivering 75mg of elemental magnesium each.

MAGSUPPS is a UK company that focuses exclusively on the research and manufacturer of innovative magnesium supplements, manufacturing them exactly as they should be: Effective, high-strength dose. Clinically proven ingredients backed by human trials. Cleverly formulated combos to maximise benefits.

Try MAGSUPPS magnesium glycinate today, 100% risk-free with their 120-day money-back guarantee.

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2. MAGSUPPS Triple Magnesium Complex

The highly-rated flagship triple magnesium complex from MAGSUPPS combines three highly-bioavailable magnesium types for maximum benefits.

Each serving delivers 300mg of pure, non-buffered magnesium split equally between magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate and magnesium citrate.

This triple magnesium formula works synergestically to fight of day-time fatigue, boost your natural energy levels, relax your muscles and support your overall wellness. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the many verified 5-star reviews on Amazon.

MAGSUPPS triple magnesium complex was also featured as one of the best magnesium supplements by Readers Digest and Island Echo. Try this triple magnesium formula today, 100% risk-free with their 120-day money-back guarantee

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3. Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations is a brand recommended by many healthcare professionals. Their magnesium glycinate supplement comes in 120mg tablets with 90 tablets per bottle. The chemical composition of these tablets includes Magnesium bisglycinate, ascorbyl palmitate. The ingredients are put together in a capsule made of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose which makes it safe for vegetarians to consume.

It is made with special considerations for people with dietary concerns and restrictions. These tablets have no preservatives, are free from GMO, gluten, wheat, peanut, egg, titanium dioxide-free and artificial colours and flavours. These specialties make it a much safer option in comparison to competing supplements.

Pure Encapsulations makes an effort to exclude all things that are not good for you and include all that is. The active ingredients in Bioavailable magnesium glycinate are very effective and easily absorbable for the human body. It claims to provide assistance with bone and teeth. With these supplements, you can expect to have better agility and much stronger bones. Furthermore, these supplements also help in increasing your metabolism and energy levels. The advised dosage for these supplements is one capsule per day.

4. Nu U Nutrition

Nu U Nutrition offers a magnesium glycinate complex which includes zinc, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. This product offers the best absorption as its platinum series uses the best magnesium that is chelated and 100% pure. This makes it highly effective and a sure choice for customers.

Their unique formula gives the users a jam-packed source of nutrients that the body needs. It caters to both physical and mental health giving users an all-rounded solution to their concerns. The brand with its supplement claims to offer a significant decrease in fatigue and tiredness.

There are no artificial ingredients in the supplement and that makes it a safe option. Furthermore, it’s hypo-allergic, meaning that it does not contain anything like gluten, lactose and other GMO ingredients. Each capsule contains 200mg of Magnesium Glycinate with 2.8 mg of vitamin B6, 12 mg of Pantothenic acid and 10 mg of Zinc.

You can find 120 capsules in a bottle and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily.

5. SuperSelf

SuperSelf has also come up with an enhanced supplement that offers Magnesium Glycinate, with other ingredients to give you a better solution. They have also combined magnesium with zinc and vitamin B6 to improve its efficiency and the health of consumers.

The supplement contains 300mg of elemental magnesium along with 1 mg of B6 and 6mg of zinc. This composition is very bioavailable and that makes it better for your stomach. They offer greater absorption and are much gentler to your stomach as compared to other supplements. It claims to provide a relief to consumers struggling with lethargy and other psychological concerns. Not only is it beneficial for your mental health but it is also very helpful in maintaining healthy bones.

SuperSelf offers a money-back guarantee if the consumers are not satisfied with the results of their supplements. It is made with high standards and is safe to use for vegans and vegetarians. It is also gluten-free which makes it a good choice for most people. The recommended serving for SuperSelf is 2 capsules per day and it comes in a bottle with 120 tablets.

There are several customers who have tried the SuperSelf Magnesium Glycinate and have found them to be high in quality and very effective. It is because of its money-back guarantee that many people are gravitated towards getting the SuperSelf Magnesium Glycinate.

What are the benefits of magnesium glycinate supplements?

If your body is Magnesium Glycinate deficient then you might face many problems. There are several benefits why you should take Magnesium Glycinate, let’s take a look at some of them:


If you have weak bones, taking Magnesium can help. This supplement helps build higher bone density which can be very helpful for people with problems like Osteoporosis. In addition, it also helps you ward off fractures that are prone to fractures because of low bone density.


If your body is deficient in Magnesium, it can bring down your levels of serotonin. If you take magnesium supplements, they can help increase serotonin levels and improve your mental health.


Migraine and low magnesium levels have a high correlation. If there are low levels of magnesium in your blood, it can result in episodes of migraine. Taking supplements can possibly help you manage these episodes.

Diabetes (Type 2)

Magnesium has the property to break down sugars and that can increase the resistance of insulin. Keeping that in mind, if you start taking magnesium supplements you might lower your risks of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Now that you know all the benefits of taking magnesium, let’s talk about where you can get the best supplements so that you can get the most benefits. Currently, there are 5 top running supplements of Magnesium Glycinate available in the markets, let’s take a look at them:


When should you take magnesium glycinate?

The best time to take magnesium glycinate is with your meals. Taking it with your meals helps you reduce any stomach issues. Most magnesium glycinate supplements as the ones mentioned above try to minimize stomach concerns but it is still a wise decision to take the supplements with your meals. Moreover, take them with a full glass of water and in the doses that are prescribed by your practitioner or as illustrated on the container.

What is better, magnesium or magnesium glycinate?

There are two kinds of supplements available, you may find magnesium alone or with the combination of magnesium glycinate. It is best to take the latter as it is more absorbable by the human body and is gentler on your stomach.

What are the side effects of taking magnesium glycinate?

Typically there are no side effects other than stomach concerns but if one is allergic to any of the ingredients they might face severe allergic reactions. This may include swelling, breathing difficulties and others.

How long does it take magnesium Glycinate to take effect?

It usually starts showing the visible difference within the first few weeks. You can expect significant changes within a couple of months. However, it is important to take these supplements with consistency. As soon as the magnesium deficiency is met, you will start experiencing the changes.