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The Undeniable Benefits of Having Your Own Personal Trainer

Are you considering getting yourself a personal trainer? If it’s something you’ve thought about for a while, then it’s definitely something you should give a go, as it could transform the way you live and exercise. If you’re wondering what the main benefits of having your own personal trainer are, then carry on reading, as that’s what we’re going to cover here.

Easy Access

In every large city, you’ll find many different options when it comes to PTs. This means you can find a PT that is the right fit for you, in terms of how they work and how well you get on with them. So, whether it’s personal training in the City of London, or even in more rural areas, you’re likely to be able to find your perfect exercise coach. That being said, cities will have more options than towns or villages. However, a virtual PT is an option if you can’t find anybody close enough to you geographically for in-person sessions!

Personal Plan and Structure

Many PTs will create a progression plan and track how you get on each week, setting goals, whilst catering everything to your capabilities. Also, having the structure of a PT session a week (or however often you choose) will be helpful to you. It means you’ll create a routine and won’t avoid your exercise, it’ll come more naturally and therefore become easier.

A Chance to Socialise

If you have a PT that you get along well with, having the chance to get to know them throughout your sessions will make it all the more enjoyable. Building connections with people from all walks of life is great – plus, if you do make the effort to bond during your workouts, then they will learn how to get the best out of you. It will make you look forward to your exercise classes with them all the more!


One of people’s main struggles when getting fit is self-motivation. You miss one gym session, you miss a second, and so on… However, if you’ve paid for your PT sessions in bulk, you’re locked in, and much less likely to make excuses. Then, when you’re at your sessions, your PT will push you just the right amount, to ensure that you’re excelling but not putting yourself at any risk.

Expert Knowledge

Personal trainers are experts in their field. They know all about what type of exercise works for each individual, what you need to consider in terms of your lifestyle, and how to get the best out of people. As they get to learn how you work, the sessions should only improve. So, definitely have a few sessions to see how you get on, as they should get better as they become more personalised week to week.

Many PTs offer complimentary trial sessions, or you can have one taster session to see how you like it. If it’s something that you’ve been considering for a while, then take the plunge and see how you like it! What have you got to lose?