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These are Wales’ favourite pet names, and how to pick a unique one

Choosing a pet name can require a lot of responsibility and thought, as after all your pet is a family member. But have you ever wondered just how unique your cat or dog’s name is? 

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GoCompare has analysed over 500,000 pet names in their pet insurance database and discovered the most popular cat and dog names in Cardiff, Wales and the UK.

So, whether you’re looking to choose the most popular name or want to go for something a bit more unique, this tool will be sure to come in handy! Just look, we don’t have a pet yet but haven’t stopped searching the database since!


You can even compare your pet’s name against another… just to see how popular it is!

Cardiff’s Top 10 Pet Names

The most popular pet name in Cardiff is Charlie with 132 cats and dogs being named this. Daisy, Milo and Buddy are names that made Cardiff’s list unlike Wales’ Top 10 list (below).

  1. Charlie – 132
  2. Alfie – 129
  3. Bella – 128
  4. Poppy – 103
  5. Max – 93
  6. Lola – 78
  7. Daisy – 71
  8. Molly – 70
  9. Milo – 66
  10. Buddy – 64

Wales’ Top 10 Pet Names

Bella dominates in five postcode areas in Wales: Llandrindod Wells, Cardiff, Swansea, Hereford and Newport.

  1. Bella – 345 pets are named this in Wales
  2. Alfie – 285
  3. Charlie – 284
  4. Poppy – 251
  5. Molly – 197
  6. Max – 169
  7. Buddy – 135
  8. Lola – 118
  9. Ruby – 106
  10. Bailey – 97

Based on the results, they have created the UK’s first ever searchable database of pet names which allows you to discover how popular or unique your pet’s name is.




 A total of half a million pet names were analysed from the last two years of pet insurance data for this project. When a quote was requested for the same pet more than once during this period, the duplicates were removed.

You can discover how popular or unique your pet’s name is, as well as some of the more unusual monikers in the nation.