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Things That Every Hotel Bathroom Should Have

When booking a hotel room, guests don’t only look for a comfortable place to sleep in but also a lovely and spotless bathroom. They would often look for a spacious, sleek and elegant bathroom—a bonus point if it has that luxurious feel. With that, here are the things that your hotel bathroom should have to improve customer satisfaction.

Shower enclosure

Nothing is more enticing than clean bathrooms and luxurious showers. So, it is ideal for hotel bathrooms to use shower enclosures that instantly give bathrooms a fresh, clean, modern, and comfortable look.

Personal care products

Personal hygiene is also essential. So, ensure that your hotel bathrooms provide all necessary personal care products your guests might need. That includes toothpaste, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary napkins, and others.

Full-length mirrors

Mirrors should be present in every bathroom. It is because, generally, people are conscious of their looks whenever they take a bath.

So, aside from over-the-sink mirrors, hotel bathrooms should also have full-length mirrors as they offer the angle your guests want to see before heading out. This kind of mirror blends seamlessly into hotel bathrooms without taking too much space.

High-quality linens

After having a nice bath, guests need something to make themselves dry. Soft, comfortable, and high-quality linens should be there to accompany them and make them feel comfortable.

Lucent lighting

Every hotel aims to make sure their guests feel relaxed while taking a bath. For that reason, the lighting in a hotel bathroom is a factor for guests to be comfortable and feel nice while taking a bath or just being there. Lightings that are up to date can allow the guests in the bathroom to adjust the lights to their preferences.

Flawless flooring

A hotel’s bathroom flooring must be repaired whenever cracks, discolouration, and build-up happen. Replacing it can represent the bathroom’s cleanliness and assure the guests are safe when they are inside.

Accessible shower area

Most importantly, having full access to the bathroom is a necessity. It includes the guests being able to use it without any problems. For example, switching to a walk-in frameless shower enclosure customised for wheelchair access will allow people with accessibility needs to take a shower easily.

Comfortable robes

Robes are more comfortable to use than full-length towels to cover the body after a bath. While towels are still necessary to dry your hair, face, and body, a nice bathrobe can give off a luxurious hotel feel. They also provide an extreme level of warmth, an excellent level of satisfaction and luxuriousness.

Trays near bathtubs

Everyone knows that most hotel bathrooms, especially luxurious ones, have bathtubs. So, try to add trays near them to add more functionality and ease in your bathroom hotel. Having those can help the guests do the things they want while being in the bathtub, such as eating, reading, playing games, and using different gadgets like phones or laptops.

Final thoughts

Overall, having these things in a hotel’s bathroom can benefit your business and guests. Applying these simple changes to your hotel bathrooms can increase customer satisfaction, making them want to return and recommend your hotel to others.