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Things to know on Betting in Wales

Want to know about Gambling in Wales? Here is a complete Wales gambling information. The article explores everything about betting in Wales.

Gambling is popular in Wales, and many people love to play it in their free time. In Wales, players bet on different types of events every week. Most people play for fun while others play for money. Many people see it as a way of backing their favourite teams to add to the excitement of a rugby or football match. Gambling has been around in Wales for over a hundred years and has become part of their culture. The different types of gambling activities that Welsh players like to bet on include sports betting, online casino games, and the national lottery.

The gambling law framework in Wales

Gambling was legalised in Wales in the 1960s. The 1960 Gaming and Betting Act legalised the casinos and the land-based bookmakers betting operations. A year later the first legal British casino, Casino Club Port Talbot, was established in Wales. After which many other casinos and betting shops were established and the market started to boom.

Presently, different types of internet gambling are legal in the country under the 2005 Gambling Act. The market is regulated by UKGC which took on power on September 1, 2007. Both online and land-based betting companies in Wales come under the jurisdiction of UKGC.

The legal age of betting online

The United Kingdom Government demanded that children should not be exposed to addictive gambling. Because of this, the UKGC decided to put rules in place to ensure that youths are protected from addictive gambling. Gambling operators in Britain, Wales, and England must respect the minimum gambling age set by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The legal age for playing poker, casino games, sports betting, and bingo in Wales is 18 years. Once you reach 18 years of age you are free to play any of the gambling games of your choice. However, players must provide online casinos with a document showing that they are up to 18 years before they get accepted.

UKGC regulations

UKGC is a government body that assumed power in 2005 following the launch of the 2005 Gambling Act. The UKGC controls UK, England, and Wales sports betting, bingo halls, lottery, and casino activities. The regulation is responsible for ensuring that gambling does not be a source of crime. They make sure that gambling is carried out openly and fairly with no one party taking advantage of the other. They also ensure that vulnerable people and children are protected from the negative effects of gambling. The country has four casinos and 300 betting shops. If you’re looking for a new casino to try out, feel free to visit Platincasino an all-British online casino. There are many amazing games that you can find there.


Gambling is very popular in Wales. In fact, a report from the United Kingdom commission has shown that around 61% of the Wales population are active gamblers. And one of the things that have encouraged gambling in Wales is the Premier League as many of the teams have a sponsorship deal with the betting operators. Gambling companies in Wales are expected to adhere strictly to the gambling laws set by the UKCG as these laws are set to protect the citizens of the country from the negative and harmful effects of gambling.