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Three Must Know Casino Strategies

When it comes to gambling, managing your bankroll is essential. Without it, your casino sessions will end up extremely short-lived. However, going in too cautiously can stop you from achieving bigger wins. In these instances, a strategy can help to keep you in check. Read on as we provide three essential casino game strategies you must know.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system originated in 18th-century France as a popular betting strategy. It involves doubling up the stake every time a gambler makes a loss. The theory is that at some point, they will have a win. Once they do, they recoup losses and make a small profit. They then return to the original stake amount and start again.

One of the advantages is that you can try the Martingale strategy in almost any situation or game. If you join a game of blackjack online, unlike most strategies you do not need to play the Martingale from the start of play. By combining it with the many attractive bonuses offers found at the above link, and the right selection from the wide variety of games on offer, you can try it for yourself. Just keep in mind that no strategy is guaranteed to make you win.

You will also find this theory used in a lot of trading portfolios. It is best suited to Forex trading. While it improves the odds of breaking even, both in gambling and trading, it is prone to sudden and large losses. In theory, a gambler must have an endless pot of credit to reclaim their money.

Value Betting

This technique involves getting the maximum value out of situations, usually when you have a long-term advantage. It is common in poker when gamblers have a good hand. They may bet in a way that makes others think they do not, causing them to add more money to the pot and thus extract the most value from them.

Value betting is also used by those who bet on sports. This involves identifying odds placed by bookmakers, where the odds are extremely favourable when compared with the probable outcome. It may be that a horse has performed well before and this has not been accounted for in the betting. Perhaps a favoured football team has lots of injuries and the price for an underdog win has remained.

The downside to value betting is that in poker, you need to know your opponents and how they react. Too little betting and you will not get the results you need. Go in heavy and you will end up scaring them away.

Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind is a strategy most used in roulette. It is so-called because it takes a long time to play out and a great level of discipline. The idea is that you calculate bets so that in the event of a losing streak if a winning streak occurs.

You start with one unit, usually the minimum bet, which remains the same in winning and losing streaks. If you have a loss then a win, this increases by one unit. It stays at this until you have another loss and returns when you win. Using this, you can chase losses without needing the infinite pot that is required for systems like the Martingale.