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Three Welsh Firms to Join Tech Nation’s Fintech Program

The cohort includes companies from the fintech sector. Insurance, open banking, and digital accounts are the main fields of focus. This 6month fintech program helps founders and leadership teams. 60% of companies which are going to join in this program are from outside of London. They have already employed 18 people and raised £3.3m.

Wales is becoming well known for its outstanding digital sector and it is surely a home to so many exciting tech businesses that are developing on a daily basis.

Tech companies in Cohort

Coincover – Based in Cardiff. Founded in 2018, Coin cover gives protection and confidence in cryptocurrency for the digital asset marketplace. Their team is focused on finance, blockchain, technology, and cybersecurity experts. Satisfied customers experiences are the main thing that drives this company forward. They are growing rapidly and developing upon a fantastic digital asset security platform. After they had launched, they got very popular in just two years of existence and their evolution is continuing to grow beyond 2020.

As crypto becomes more popular and the number of people is buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies on the biggest markets like Forex, it clears the path for more innovation when it comes to businesses adapting fintech in order to make payment methods easier. Since trading is becoming more popular, there should be additional security policies in order to feel secure and safe, as being a trader in the global market is not an easy task to accomplish. This is the fact that FX trading is risky and in order to succeed one needs to educate themselves. Especially, if you are trading without any experience, make sure that you are not risking losing the money. It is undoubtedly better to start trade FX with no commitment offered by various Forex brokers. The trading scene sometimes offers this kind of deals and it is always better to preview all conditions that offer you an option to trade without money of your own.

Because of all the fuss about cryptocurrencies and trading in the UK, the business has improved for Coincover. Owner David Janczewski said that Coincover is helping crypto businesses to have security and the trust they need to stand out from the business scene.

Coincover had tendonous transactions grow in 2020. They are very excited to be part of the cohort because it will be a great opportunity for them.

Credas – THis tech start-up developed the ground-breaking facial recognition software to speed up identification verification in different sectors. Starting with only the two employees this team now has 14. Across every field, they now are connected with 50  customers. They have developed suite products and services designed to cut the time and costs of what it takes to recognize 4000 types of identification. They were so innovative that they could secure every id photo with personal identification. They are working in recruiters, mortgage and finance providers, and businesses that are in need of verifications. It helps many businesses to save money and simply provide their customers and employees with modern ways of development.

The CEO of Credas is saying that this will be a fantastic opportunity to take part in the cohort and connect with other businesses. The company is also considering some collaborations and networking with the founders and experts in tech fields.

Moneyshake – A car leasing company webpage which was launched just several months ago has grown sooner than they expected. The popular price comparison site allows customers to compare the prices of different vehicles, products, energies, home insurance, and travel insurance as well.

With the UK’s historic strength in financial services combined with world-leading policy and regulations, the UK is expecting that these businesses will be world worthwhile fintech houses in the UK.