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Top 10 Online Casino Games With The Lowest House Edge

When you go to the casino, you naturally hope to leave with more money. The chances of this are quite different for the individual casino games. We are going to introduce you to the ten games that have the lowest house edge. A lower house edge means greater chances of winning. So if you’re not just going to the casino to spend money, then this list is not entirely unimportant to you.

What is the house edge in the casino games?

House edge is a casino term and describes a casino game’s mathematical advantage over the player, e.g. the green zero in live roulette.

You can play almost every game well or badly, and you can make the conditions as good as possible for yourself and thus optimize the chances of winning. The luck component is not the same in all games. The casino collects fees for every game, but not the same for all. This is exactly why it is good to have an overview of casino games by the house edge.

A simple example

If two players play cards against each other or roll the dice, the odds for both of them are mathematically 50%. If the winning conditions are slightly changed in favor of a player, he gets an advantage.

Probably the simplest casino game is the “Casino War”. With this, the player and the dealer each receive one card. This is revealed, the higher card wins and collects the two bets. This way, the game is over.

In the long run, nobody would win this game; the money would just be pushed back and forth. Now, the casino changes the rules and states that the player must have a higher card to collect the dealer’s stake. If the player and the dealer show cards of the same value, the bank collects.

While this doesn’t happen very often, the point is, it does and the banker now has a better chance of winning than the player. And that’s the house edge. In roulette, for example, it is zero that gives the house edge.

Can you offset or avoid the house edge in the casino?

No. The house edge is the money the casino lives on. There is no casino without a house edge, and without a casino, there is no game. You can minimize the house edge through correct play, but you cannot reduce it to zero.

What is the house edge for the casino?

It depends on your online gambling option, as I said. In general, there are games of less than one percent house edge, but also with far more. Games with more than 5% house edge should be avoided; these games simply cost money. An example of this is American roulette with a 5.4% house edge; trying European Roulette – 2.7% house edge is preferred. However, there are players who enjoy the adrenaline and are seeking to try all variants of roulette games no matter the house edge.

Insider tip:

In general, avoid side bets regardless of the game you’re playing. While some side bets sound good, they are not designed to reduce the house edge.

And that brings us to the subject of why you ended up on this page in the first place.

Our list of 10 online casino games that has the lowest house edge

10. Keno – approximately 25% house edge

In Keno, you simply choose between 2-10 digits out of 80. Then 20 balls are played, and of course the more correct ones you have, the higher the payout. But, much like the draw, there is very little possibility of a direct strike. However, Keno is not a game for long-term profits.

9. Caribbean Stud Poker – 3-5% house edge

Although Caribbean Stud, like almost all casino games, is quite simple, the strategy also plays a role here. Since strong hands like full house pay very big, this game is really interesting. Still, play this game just for fun, because it’s not good for making money in the long run.

8. Slots – ≥ 2.8% house edge

You don’t have to explain much here. With modern devices, the higher the stake, the higher the chances of winning. You should pay particular attention to the payout rate, which should be at least 95%. Everything below that swallows up money too quickly.

7. European Roulette – 2.7% house edge

The house edge in European (French) roulette is created exclusively by the green zero on the wheel. There is also the double zero in American roulette, and the advantage is exactly twice as high. So there is no reason to switch to this version.

6. Pai Gow Poker – 1.5% house edge

Pai Gow Poker is played against the dealer with seven players. You are issued two poker sticks, one with five and one with two cards, when you have got your seven cards. The distributor is doing the same thing. The object of the game is to be stronger than the house with both hands.

5. Craps – ≥ 1.4% house edge

There are many ways of betting, which will make it easy for you to lose track of things. Therefore, as a beginner, you should stick to the bet that promises the greatest profit, i.e. has the lowest house edge. This is the “Don’t Come / Don’t Pass” bet that only gives the house an edge of 1.4%.

4. Baccarat – 1-3% house edge

Baccarat has one of the lowest skill factors – there is hardly a game where you can contribute less to the game course. You hardly have to learn anything – just bet on either the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or a tie. Baccarat has the great advantage that you are virtually level with the dealer in terms of odds.

3. Poker – fixed fee

The casino does not have a house advantage in online poker because you are not playing against the house at all, but against other players. The house only provides the dealers, chips and cards. The fee usually depends on the pot size but is covered.

2. Blackjack – ≥ 0.5% house edge

There is really no other casino game with so many options and strategies like blackjack. The optimal strategies for playing blackjack online are well known and can also be found here in tabular form. Using them is not only easy but also allowed.

1. Video Poker Jacks or Better – 0.46%

There are many video poker versions, but Jacks or Better gives you the best chance of winning. The strategy, in short, is to hold all pairs or better. If you don’t have a pair, you hold cards that are higher than a ten. Stronger hands mean that payout is higher. So you can get a thousand times the stakeout with one hand.

What games can you play in the online casino?

The choice between the different casino games that are offered in the online casino is huge. The leap from video online slots to live blackjack to online roulette and video poker is relatively small, even when you think of baccarat, keno and Texas Hold’em poker. The ability to play so many casino games from home or on the go, without having to go to a casino, where you have to wait from time to time until a seat becomes free, is, to put it simply, handy and convenient.