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Top 5 Coffee Shops to Visit in Wales

Wales is a region of the United Kingdom where a good cup of coffee is always in hot demand. Everything from a state of the art mocha to top coffee shop equipment can be found here in this magical corner of the UK. Here is our list of the top 5 coffee shops in Wales that you need to be sure to pay a visit to.

1. Dyfi Roastery in Machynlleth

The exciting new Dyfi Roastery has been making quite a name for itself. This is a region of Wales where state of the art coffee of all kinds is always in demand. But the Roastery has really managed to make a name for itself. It has done so by going the extra mile to provide top quality coffee. As a result, it’s a cafe that is firmly established.

The Dyfi Roastery is a cozy little neighborhood cafe that draws in locals as well as plenty of visitors. It has just the right mix of the old and the new. You can enjoy all of your favorite traditional types of coffee while also taking in quite a few new recipes. This balance is what makes the place unique.

We should also mention that the cafe comes with a side menu of delicious pastry dishes that are well worth checking out. The combo of magically roasted coffee and tummy filling pastries are enough to keep people coming back for more. If you find yourself in this area of Wales, the Roastery is well worth your time.

2. Square Peg Coffee House in Swansea

The Square Peg Coffee House may have been one of the best kept secrets in the city of Swansea in Wales. We say may have been because it looks like the tale is finally getting out. More and more people are coming to know and love one of the finest places for coffee in the city.

As a result, the venue is attracting a whole new crowd of loyal customers. On tap is a mix of all of your favorite coffee and espresso flavors. If you love latte, this is a great place to come. And when you’re sampling all of your favorite beverages, the side menu items will more than whet your appetite.

3. 200 Degrees in Cardiff

The new 200 Degrees venue in the city of Cardiff is a place you won’t forget once you have been there. If you’re looking for a rustic, old fashioned coffee cafe, this may well fit the bill. But there’s also plenty of hustle and bustle to observe, thanks to the large crowds that congregate here.

The place is known for its delicious coffee mixes, such as long black and flat white. These flavors have enabled the cafe to garner a sterling reputation in the city. With the rise of coffee culture all around the world, 200 Degrees is also becoming well known for its top level baristas who guarantee top service.

4. The Plug in Powys

One of the hottest new venues on our present list is The Plug in the town of Powys. If you are in the mood for some hot, high powered java, the Plug is the place to be. Whether your main taste is cappuccino or Americano, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The Plug is known for a wide selection and top service.

The Plug also has quite the quirky side menu for new visitors to check out. Try the new sourdough toast with a side of cheddar and chili jam. It’s a great way to wash your Americano or latte down. The cafe itself is situated in a very scenic area of the town. You’ll have plenty of view to enjoy with your coffee.

5. Cwtch Café in Abergavenny

Say this phrase 3 times fast: Cwtch Cafe in Abergavenny. You should also remember this name if you ever find yourself in this part of Wales because it’s a haven for top shelf coffee. It’s particularly well known for its fine selection of espresso.

If you love a good flat white or an Americano, the Cwtch Cafe is the place to be. But you should also check out its fine selection of side dish menu items. You can find everything from Eggs Benedict to indulgent cakes there. And if you love to indulge yourself with coffee, the Cwtch is a place you can’t go wrong.

You’ll Never Lack Good Coffee in Wales

From Cardiff to Porthmadog and all points in between, you can always find top rated coffee in Wales. There are plenty of cafes, both old and new, where you can get the latte, mocha, or espresso that turns you on. The time is now to check our list and find more of your own favorites to share with us on the web.