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Top New Job Skills Needed in 2020

The working world has changed, and it continues to change. Fewer manual jobs exist in most of the developed economies and they have been replaced by office jobs and freelancers, both working across the internet and in the cloud with different technologies. For those that feel left behind, there are a number of skills you can develop to bring your CV back to the present.

The good news is that not all of the new skills you need in 2020 require a university degree. Of course, if you are studying for one that’s great. Yet, many older professionals with commitments and families are acquiring new skills through distance learning and online courses. New Skills Academy  is one of the best course providers who have already helped more than 300,000 learners reshape their future careers.

1. Data Analysis

An increasing number of companies are relying on big data and the people who handle it to inform their decisions and policies. Big data is where a mass amount of data is processed to identify patterns and trends that allow businesses to optimise their performance. If you know how to analyse big data, there will be many career options for you going forward.

2. Coding

It is only a matter of time before coding gets taught in schools. Coding really is a skill for the future, and it may become as common as speaking a second language in continental Europe. Without such a skill it may hold you back when job seeking over the next decade or two.

3. Negotiations Skills

With more people setting up businesses and becoming self-employed freelancers, there is a greater demand for negotiation skills. What was once left for businessmen and businesswomen in crunch discussions has become a daily task for anyone offering services to multiple clients.

4. Creativity

One of the hardest skills to develop is creative thinking. However, with more businesses and startups on the scene, it takes more to be seen and noticed. Jostling for position can only be done with excellent products and services. To create such offerings, it is going to require innovation and thinking outside the box.

5. SEO

Who doesn’t have a website these days? The problem with a website is they are like organising a party without sending out invitations – if you don’t use SEO experts. SEO has become part of the vocabulary of most business owners and they require more talented individuals to help their website be seen and noticed in crowded markets.

But Robots Will Take Over, Right?

If you think there are no point in learning new skills because soon all of our jobs will be outsourced to robots – think again. It is more likely that robots will not reduce jobs, just change some of the jobs we do. Therefore, it is even more important to learn new skills going into 2020 – and beyond!