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Trendiest Short Haircuts for Women in 2020

Photo by David Florin from Pexels

If you are planning to go for a holiday this summer and you are wondering which haircut you will wear, don’t worry. Change is good, especially if you want something to be more memorable, and there is no better way to make your holiday memorable than rocking the best short haircuts. While you can still opt for long hairstyles such as ponytails and top knots, a perfectly-styled short haircut will up your hair game.

However, with so many short hairstyles for women cropping up every day-in addition to the existing haircuts, it is not always an easy thing to keep track of the hair trends. As such, choosing one particular short haircut from these hairstyles is not easy. So, LoveHairStyles decided to make your selection easier by compiling this list of the most popular short haircuts this year. Take a gander, and you will be inspired by two or more of these haircuts.

Blunt Cut

If you have fine hair, you understand how hard it is to style this type of hair. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. A blunt cut is the best for you if you are ready to wear short haircuts for women. Blunt haircuts are not only an excellent way to frame your face and highlight the facial features, but they are also universally adorable, and they are currently on-trend. If you are keen on modern trends, you should have noticed that the masculine trend is on the trend among the ladies. So, be the first to rock it with the blunt cut.

Low Bun

Even if you always wear the chicest haircuts, there will be some times when you will suffer messy hair. It is a bad boy haircut, sometimes some ladies resisting to wear it, but its strong attraction is just too intense for some of us to resist. Ladies with short hair may find it hard to get a messy high bun. If that is the case, opt for the low option. You might not have thought about this, but when it comes to a low shaggy bun, it employs the same styling as high topknot while giving an impression of thicker locks.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is one of the popular short haircuts for women. However, rocking short haircuts can be challenging for ladies with thick hair. When things do work well at first, it goes terribly, terribly wrong. However, the key to achieving a cool short hairstyle with your thick manes is adding layers to improve texture. Don’t use blunt cuts as this will make your style appear bulk. Rather, opt for a layered and textured pixie haircut. The layers usually eliminate some weight from your hair, allowing them to rest flawlessly.


Styling some sexy twists is an excellent way to give some life to your lifeless hair. Twists are not a unique style but also offer protection to your hair. The twists don’t need any additional styling and allow your locks to repair themselves from any damage sustained from the sun’s rays.


One hairstyle that will never exit styling niche is bangs, and short hair is here to stay. So, why can’t you take advantage of these two trends and combine them? Bangs are easy to style and don’t require a lot of maintenance, other than regular trimming. Bangs in short haircuts frame your face excellently and therefore draw all attention to your facial features. They also give a slimming impact, especially if you are dealing with a little bit fuller impact in the face. You can style the bangs on the sides, curtain or sweeping or blunt. The styling options are endless when you are dealing with bangs.

Short Thin Hair

There are many short haircuts for women. From asymmetrical styles, pixie haircuts, and undercuts, short haircuts are ideal for ladies with thin hair. However, that is only achieved if they are perfectly styled. A short haircut is one of the excellent ways to not only give an impression of fullness but also allows your hair to gain fullness naturally. It just needs less styling, and occasional trimming and your hair will always look healthy and in shape.

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