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Two of Wales national parks are becoming more EV-isitor friendly

Brecon Beacons National Park from Pen Y Fan

Since 2015, there has been a 440% increase in charging points on average across all 15 national parks.

The biggest increase is the Pembrokeshire Coast national park which had 1 public charging point five years ago, but now boasts 19a 1800% increase.

EVs points National Parks

The Broads & North York Moors are the only UK national parks without any public EV charging points.

On average, a national park in the UK still only has 21 public charging points, which each needing to cater to 23 EVs per point.

Although the increasing numbers are promising, they are still a far cry away for what’s needed to supply the future fleet of electric vehicles. Snowdonia has a big way to go to match them.

Public charging points will be many EV drivers’ only option due to the rush to booking holidays in June and beyond. Also, if there is a local lockdown, hotels will be forced to close meaning access to public charging points is absolutely vital in order to enable visitors to the region autonomy. It’s also crucial for local attractions that there is nearby access to charging points.

Brecon Beacons is 519 square miles in size and spans over mountaintops and moorland. In the region, there are 5.5 electric cars for every public charging point, which makes them relatively widely available.

Brecon Beacons EV charger map

With the Brecon Beacons, another early adopter of EV technology, the national park already boasted 12 public charging points by 2016. Overall, there are 13 locations where you can find public charging points, with 26 in total spread out across the region.

For comparison, the other two national parks in Wales don’t have as many public charging points per EV as the Brecon Beacons. Pembrokeshire Coast features a charging point per 7.6 EVs, while Snowdonia has one per 19.1.

On average, each point is used by six evs and in the Beacons each is no further than 15 miles apart. Snowdonia on the other hand has just seven points and they are 31 miles apart.

No national park in England makes the top 3 of the EV friendly national parks list.