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UK Gambling Rules – What’s Next?

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With a section of the population earning more and willing to spend, the gambling industry has become a multi-billion pound market in the UK and elsewhere. With bookmakers able to do more online and from most mobile devices, the industry has expanded beyond its usual restrictions, providing gamblers with variety and convenience. So how will these changes decide whether we’ll see gambling relaxations?

Will the rules be relaxed?

Given that rules and regulations are always evolving, it is important to stay informed. The new rules are not likely to be relaxed. 

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been given greater powers to prevent gambling addiction.

The changes are designed to ensure that the UK gambling industry operates ethically and responsibly. They also have the aim of protecting vulnerable consumers from harm and exploitation.

New gambling laws: what’s coming up?

The UK Gambling Commission has been tasked with regulating the gambling industry in the UK. To do this, it has published rules that all online casinos must adhere to. There is no discrimination here, so whether you’re a household name such as 32red, Bet365 or Ladbrokes, or a smaller ‘white-label’ casino such as Lucky Clover Spins or Amazon Slots, the same rules still apply.

The new regulations protect users from problem gambling and prevent underage gambling. The rules also aim to ensure that gaming companies provide fair odds and payouts.

The rules will require operators to:

  • The new rules will require operators to monitor several indicators of problem gambling, including a common approach in which customers are asked about their level of gambling.
  • Make sure you identify any harm signals and take action promptly. Provide information to help people make informed choices about their gambling behavior, including an indication of the maximum stake they can bet and how much they can lose in one session.
  • Use automation to track warning signs of harm. To identify whether a customer is showing signs of problem gambling behavior, such as playing at higher stakes than they can afford or chasing losses, operators must use automated systems that monitor playing patterns and flag any issues.
  • Encourage customers to take up new bonuses and prevent marketing from targeting at-risk customers. The rules say that operators must not promote bonuses or other incentives in a way that could encourage irresponsible gambling or target people who may be vulnerable due to their age or mental health condition.
  • Ensure that your interactions with customers are at least as good as the level of service they receive from a problem gambler.
  • The Gambling Commission requests that casinos provide evidence of customer interaction evaluations as part of routine casework.
  • You must always maintain compliance with these requirements, including ensuring that third-party providers are also in compliance.

All operators must follow strict rules regarding providing safe environments for players online or playing at land-based venues in the UK. This includes ensuring that all websites are fully regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission and following strict terms and conditions regarding how they approach gambling addiction.

How are the new rules affecting online gambling?

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the independent gambling regulator in the UK. It was established in 2005 and has ensured that gambling is conducted fairly and with player protection at its heart.

Remote gambling operators with UK customers must comply with new rules. This means that operators must have effective systems to ensure they know who they’re dealing with and ensure they don’t accept bets from minors or people who don’t have access to funds.

Operators must be licensed to offer their services in the UK market. All operators should have a license before starting operations onshore or online. The regulator will issue the license and be responsible for monitoring compliance with its conditions.

Making gambling safer in the UK

As part of the fight against problem gambling, the Gambling Commission will soon introduce new rules requiring operators to ensure that their interactions with customers are at least as good as the level of service they receive from a problem gambler.

The new regulations will come into force in September 2022 and apply to all gambling operators with a license to provide their services in the UK.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a policy change; it clarifies how you should apply existing regulations. The new rules will also mean that operators must display information about responsible gambling practices on their websites and ensure that marketing materials don’t encourage people to gamble more than they can afford.


The UK is establishing a new system to make gambling less addictive by reducing bonuses and controlling the number of bets an individual can place. While the relaxation of UK gambling rules is a move forward for preventing gambling addictions, the proposed changes to maximum stakes and bonus reductions cause concern amongst industry figures stating that it will lead to less money spent on bonus deals by casinos. Gambling operators abusing the new rules only offer higher bets than previous amounts.