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USW hosts prestigious international security event in Newport

Last week, University of South Wales (USW) hosted a major international security event in Newport, held at ICC Wales and USW Newport campus.

In its 32nd year, EuroSim is an annual, interuniversity, simulation of the European Union (EU). It provides students with a simulation of a major EU issue. The simulations themselves are held over a period of four days, with the venue alternating between the U.S. and Europe annually.

Supported by Newport City Council, EuroSim was hosted in the UK for the first time. It was attended by over 150 students from across North America, the UK, and Europe.

This year’s topic was EU climate and energy policies, where the (simulated) EU was challenged to respond to the climate security emergency.

Students were assigned roles, including Members of the European Parliament, members of the European Commission, heads of government, national ministers, lobbyists, and journalists.

The programme included events for networking and socialising. Guests were transported between venues by Newport Transport, including one of their Yutong electric buses.

A welcome dinner was hosted on the first night, in attendance by the Jane Mudd, Leader of Newport City Council and Louise Bright, USW’s Director of Research and Business Engagement.

Attendees attended a dinner, at USW’s Newport campus, with the Mayor of Newport City Council on the second night.

On the final night, the closing party was hosted at Newport Market.

Christian Kaunert, USW Professor of Policing and Security and Director of Trans-Atlantic Consortium for European Union Studies, said: “EuroSim is a unique experience. A critical component of providing students a first-class education consists of exposure to, and learning about, different cultures, norms, policies, and laws.

“Preparing students to be productive citizens in a continuously integrating, and ever more interdependent, global environment requires an understanding of what drives relations between different countries, companies, organizations, and people, as well as the opportunities that exist both domestically and internationally because of the many facets of globalisation.

“It was my great pleasure and honour to provide our students such an opportunity, championing Wales with its long history, culture, and traditions. I would like to thank Newport Council and Newport Transport for their incredible support for the event.”

Dr Ben Calvert, Vice-Chancellor of USW, said: “One of our four main areas of expertise and growth is focused on crime, security, and justice. We aim to educate students, inspire practitioners, and advance organisations through innovative challenge-based learning and teaching, internationally excellent multi-disciplinary research and policy analysis, and valued strategic collaboration.

“The EuroSim event is based on simulated learning, which is something that is at the core of our learning at USW. By immersing in the scenarios and environments that students may later face in their careers, they will be better placed to tackle any challenges head-on, with the valuable experiences and skills that they have developed during their time at university.”