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Venture Out Of Wales For The Weekend

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Wales is a beautiful country. The rolling countryside and the beautiful coastline entice thousands of visitors every month. Residents living in Wales know this to be home, and the novelty of the location won’t be the same as it is for visitors. There are tons of UK city break destinations, country escapes, and beachside hotels to chose from.

Most people are eager to get out of the UK, but with prices of airline tickets soaring and the ever-changing pandemic rules, a UK break is the easier option. If you check out ClickTravelTips.com, you’ll find some great international travel destinations. For those wishing to stay in the UK, below, you will find some of the best UK escapes worth exploring this summer.

The Cultural Capital Of The World

London is known as the cultural capital of the world. Millions of visitors, both from the UK and international, visit London each year. London has roared to life this summer, making it the perfect location for a weekend break.

There are tons of ways to explore London, but rather than go on foot, why not try the high-speed boat tours along the river Thames. For around £44.95, you can soar along the River Thames, taking in some of London’s tourist hotspots, such as the London eye. Beware, if you are seasick, then this tour won’t be for you. The high-speed ride and sharp turns aren’t for everyone.

After a day of exploring, most people want a refreshing drink and some food to replenish the stores. A great spot is the Sky Garden. Set at the top of a skyscraper, the restaurant/bar is filled with beautiful flowers and plants and serves incredible food and drink. There is a lift that will take you to the top, or you can take the stairs.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands couldn’t be further away from Wales, but it is an adventure worth taking this summer. The Scottish Highlands is one big area of natural outstanding beauty, with delightful trail walks and mountain climbs galore. It is the sort of weekend break to take if you have a sense of adventure and love to do all things nature. The cost of accommodation in the Highlands is excellent, but be sure to check out Airbnb for great deals.

One of the tourist hotspots in the Scottish Highlands is Lock Ness, the infamous location where the mythical Lock Ness Monster resides. It’s a scenic location with great nature trails, and who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of Lock Ness herself!

Urquhart Castle is a great spot to visit if you love history and incredible views. The ruins date back to the 13th century and are one of the most visited castles in the Highlands. Situated right next to Lock Ness and overlooking it, it’s the perfect thing to do if you’re already in the area.

Feel Like You’re Abroad In Devon 

If you want to experience a taste of a beachside holiday without having to go abroad, Devon is the place for you. The beaches in Devon are renowned for being the most beautiful beaches in the UK, some even hailing them to be better than any beach you’d find abroad. The pristine beaches attract millions of people each year. Woolacombe is one of the most popular and is definitely worth checking out. It’s an award-winning, 3-mile long sandy beach for you to enjoy.

The one downside to Devon is the cost of the accommodation. Because of the beachside location and the immense popularity, hotels and private accommodation charge an absolute fortune. The accommodation for a long weekend will set you back hundreds, but the experience is worth it. Like with most holiday destinations, it will be cheaper if you book outside of school holidays and in the week.

Hit The North In Manchester

Manchester is just north of the middle of the UK, and it is a quirky city full of excitement. You won’t fall shy of things to do in Manchester. There are Instagrammable cocktail bars and restaurants on every corner. Manchester is known for its shopping, and the Trafford Centre is a prime spot.

The food hall in the Trafford Centre is like no other. The theme is a cruise ship with stars glowing in the night sky on the ceiling and bars and restaurants lining the outer edges. You can then walk through to the shopping centre.

Hitting Manchester should be about having fun, so check out the Junkyard Golf and Hard Rock Cafe. They’re located right by each other and are both great for cocktails and fun. The Junkyard Golf needs to be pre-booked and costs £10 per person on weekends. It’s advisable to book a table at the Hard Rock Cafe as it is often full of tourists!

Relax On The Beach In Brighton

Bright is an eccentric beachside location with tons of fun things to do. Most people are happy to spend the day walking around the cobbled streets and down the narrow alleyway, exploring the boutique shops along the way. If you do so, you’ll also find pubs filled with open-minded people and cafes serving the most delicious cakes.

If you take a stroll on the beach, the British Airways i360 Viewing Tower is sure to catch your eye. It’s a 162m viewing tower that slowly goes up to the top while rotating around. There’s also a snazzy bar in there! Flights are 25 minutes long and £16.50 for adults. Although the trip to the top is not too long, it is still an attraction worth doing.

As you can see, there are a ton of great destinations in the UK. There’s no need to book expensive and risky flights to have fun. With the summer weather expected to be good in the UK, now is the time to book a weekend break!