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Video: RSPCA rope rescue team save sheep trapped down quarry

The ram was on a ledge around 30 metres down

A sheep stranded on a ledge near the bottom of a quarry near Llangollen has been rescued by an RSPCA rope rescue team.

Remarkable footage shows specially trained officers from the animal welfare charity safely capture the ram after abseiling around 30 metres down at the disused Moel Y Faen Quarry.

The RSPCA specialist rope rescue team included inspectors Mark Roberts, Vicki Taylor, Andy Broadbent, Jenny Anderton and Rachael Davies plus animal rescue officer Ashley Moore – who completed the rescue on Tuesday 4 October.

Mark, who led the team, said: “Myself and Andy abseiled down to the ledge – assisted by the other team members above – and we were able to catch the ram by abseiling just beneath him to safely grab him.

“He was then placed in a bag and lowered carefully to the bottom. Thankfully, we had no welfare concerns about the ram despite his ordeal and he could be released at the bottom where he started to graze straight away and headed towards an incline that lead to a way out.

“The farmer was informed who said they would check  on him to make sure he had made it out.”

Although it is not known for sure how the sheep got down the quarry and became stuck on the ledge, the RSPCA have issued  a reminder about livestock worrying – given the possibility of sheep fleeing from dogs and putting themselves into danger.

Mark added: “While we cannot be sure, it seems very possible this ram became stranded after being spooked or scared by a dog. That’s why it is so important that dog owners don’t let their pets off the lead when near to sheep, lambs and other livestock.”

The RSPCA would like to urge people and dog walkers to take care around farm animals and ensure that their dog is kept on the lead at all times when in or near fields containing livestock.

If you spot an animal in distress, please call the RSPCA’s 24-hour helpline on 0300 1234 999.