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Volunteers at Wrexham Hospice are Recognised by the High Sheriff of Clwyd

Kate Hill-Trevor presents certificate to Nightingale House volunteers in recognition of their contributions

In one of her last appointments as High Sheriff of Clwyd, Kate Hill-Trevor surprised the volunteers at Nightingale House Hospice with an award recognising their valuable contributions to the community.

During her visit to Wrexham Hospice, Kate learned about the crucial role played by volunteers in Nightingale House’s provision of invaluable services and support to people in the community. There are a total of 437 volunteers who give up their time to help in various roles, including clinical, café, retail, and events. These volunteers are crucial in ensuring that Nightingale House can provide high-quality care to those in need.

Explaining why she chose to present the award to the hospice volunteers, Kate said, “During my year as High Sheriff, I have been privileged to meet many of our local unsung heroes who work or volunteer in the service of others, and it is very clear that the millions of people who give their time and skills to charities and community projects are quite simply an essential part of the world today.

“It was a pleasure to present a High Sheriff certificate to some of Nightingale House Hospice’s team of over 400 volunteers, without whom the hospice clearly couldn’t function, and to add my thanks to everyone involved at the hospice for providing our community with this amazing facility.”

Kate Hill-Trevor concluded ended her Shrieval year on Saturday, 6th April. Describing the importance of volunteers to the third sector, Kate continued, “One of my goals this year has been to try to inspire more people to give volunteering a go. There really are voluntary opportunities out there for everyone, and the Hospice is just one example of this; with so many different roles, both within the hospice, gift shop and café and externally raising the vital funds needed to allow the hospice to function each year.  If you are thinking of volunteering, why not take a look at their website and see how you could help make a difference?”

Describing her gratitude for the award on behalf of the 437 volunteers she manages, Jo Kearns, Volunteer Manager at Nightingale House Hospice, commented, “Volunteers help in all areas of the hospice from patient-facing to customer-facing in our shops and cafes to gardening and raising vital funds at hospice events. Volunteers give freely of their time and skills, and without their support, the hospice wouldn’t be able to maintain the patient and family services so vitally needed by the community.

It would be an impossible task to single out one volunteer as the workforce within the hospice is like a finely tuned machine, with each and every person playing a vital role in keeping day-to-day operations ticking along. This award means so much and is so important to our volunteers as it recognises their dedication and the contribution they make to the hospice. I would say to anyone who may be thinking about volunteering, don’t hesitate, as a warm welcome is guaranteed to anyone who wishes to join our team!”