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Welsh charity launches campaign to offset 6 million discarded Christmas trees

Coinciding with National Tree Week, Wales-based climate change charity, Size of Wales launch their Christmas campaign ‘Ten Trees for Christmas’, asking the people of Wales to consider the true cost of Christmas whilst offering up the perfect ethical gift that will grow and grow and give and give…fruit trees!

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6 million Christmas trees discarded UK-wide each January…this number represents masses of lost potential to absorb tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide that is contributing to climate change.

For just £3, your donation will pay for ten fruit trees to be planted in the gardens of families in Mbale, Uganda that will go some way to offsetting that disturbing figure. Wales has a longstanding relationship with the people of Uganda, and Size of Wales has been supporting tree planting and the development of sustainable livelihoods in Mbale since 2011.


Size of Wales’ Chair Peter Davies said:

“This campaign feels more timely than ever: with a recent landslide in Mbale that claimed hundreds of lives, and a growing movement in Wales and across the UK for a more ethical, less consumer-driven Christmas, Ten Trees for Christmas is perfectly placed to support both the people of Mbale, and the people of Wales wanting to be ‘greener’ about celebrating Christmas.”

Off the back of the increasingly controversial Black Friday, this campaign is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Wales to contribute to a local charity, reduce their Christmas footprint and embrace the true giving spirit of Christmas. Gift certificates are available so you can purchase fruit trees on behalf of a friend, family or colleague this Christmas.

Visit www.sizeofwales.org.uk/campaigns/ten-trees for more info and to join in.