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Welsh innovators win national road safety award

Welsh company Road Safety Designs has scooped a prestigious national road safety award with recognition for its BriteAngle LED warning triangle as the best Fleet Safety Product 2019.

The road safety charity Brake is behind the Fleet Safety Awards set up to acknowledge the achievements of those striving to reduce crashes and prevent pollution caused by any vehicles driven for work.

The BriteAngle LED warning triangle came out on top as it was judged the product that does the most to improve fleet safety through innovation. It makes the motorist much more visible in the event of an unexpected stop, using flashing, high-intensity LEDs to warn drivers of hazards up to 300 metres away.

It’s inventor, and Managing Director of Road Safety Designs Steve Wornham said: “This is fantastic recognition for our product which is now being distributed across the world. Like all significant inventions, it was borne out of personal experience, and I’m proud that the fleet industry, and indeed all motorists can increase the safety of drivers and passengers by carrying a BriteAngle LED warning triangle in their vehicles.”

A near death experience driving on a dark night led to Steve inventing the BriteAngle LED warning triangle. On his way home from work one winter’s night he almost hit a motorist who was crouched down in the road changing a wheel. The person had a torch in his mouth and happened to turn his head towards Steve’s approaching vehicle, enabling him to be seen.

Road Safety Designs recently signed a contract which could be worth as much as a quarter of a million pounds a year with Australian distributor Dometic.

Road Safety Designs is backed by Welsh businessman Sir Stanley Thomas OBE. He said: “Fleet vehicles make up a significant proportion of road users in this country, and companies pride themselves on the safety of their drivers, so to be recognized by the road safety charity in this category is a great achievement, and demonstrates the virtues of the BriteAngle LED warning triangle to all road users.”

Drivers can place the warning triangle directly behind their vehicle, making it quicker and safer if they have to stop, enabling them to be seen more clearly, reducing the risk of an accident, and making it much safer for themselves and other road users.

The product:

  • uses flashing, high-intensity LEDs to alert motorists
  • can be seen from up to 300m
  • is a CE marked quality British product, robust and stable in winds of up to 45mph
  • its 47cm compact foldable design can be assembled in seconds
  • is designed to be placed directly behind the vehicle – avoiding an anxious walk in challenging conditions

And the BriteAngle LED warning triangle is not just suitable for cars. It is supplied with a unique bracket and suction cup for easy attachment to any vehicle, and a special MotoBrite has been developed for bikers.