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“Welsh schools at crisis point”, say education unions

Members of education unions will meet members of the National Assembly for Wales today (5 March) to discuss the school funding crisis in Wales.

ASCL, NAHT, NEU Cymru and UCAC will hold a drop-in session where Assembly Members can speak directly to education professionals about the impact of funding cuts in their schools – from redundancies, to larger class sizes, reduced support for children with additional learning needs and increasing workload and workforce stress.

The unions point to the impact of austerity on Welsh Government funding. They are also calling on Welsh Government and Local Authorities to look at transparency and equity across the system, to ensure that funding is distributed fairly and clearly.

Tim Pratt, Director of ASCL Cymru said “School budgets are at crisis point with more and more schools unable to make ends meet. Every possible saving has been made, there is now nothing left to cut except staff with the disastrous consequence that is bound to have on our young people in Wales.

“At a time when there are many exciting new initiatives in Welsh education, the system must be funded properly if it is to succeed.”

Rob Williams, NAHT Cymru Director said “Schools in Wales are being underfunded and school budgets are at breaking point. It is impacting the quality of education schools are able to deliver for children.

“The current unfathomable approach to school funding must change and additional education investment is now imperative.

“Welsh Government need to prioritise education in Wales.

“Parents need to know that their child has access to sufficient, equitable and transparent school funding, irrespective of where in Wales they live.”

David Evans, Wales Secretary for NEU Cymru said “Our members are clear – more funding is needed to ensure that schools in Wales can provide the education for our learners that everyone wants. Education professionals are facing more pressures in terms of workload and expectations, without the funding needed. This can’t go on.”

Dilwyn Roberts-Young, UCAC General Secretary said “Insufficient funding is reaching our schools – that is beyond dispute. However, it’s almost impossible to see exactly where education funds are being spent across the whole system. We urgently need to improve the transparency of education spending, in order to ensure that we are making the best possible use of the funds that are available.”