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Welsh startup creates work experience opportunities for students

New Media Ghost, a Cardiff based online business, has taken on three students this month to complete their internships. 
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Kiki Choda, the founder of New Media Ghost, decided to start a cooperation with two graduates Jonathan Silk and Katarzyna Felinska, and a 2nd year student Michael O’Brien. 
New Media Ghost is a fast-growing online management business with clients such as C-suite Executives, Surgeons and business owners. It operates in the UK, Europe and has clients in the USA. The company is part of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme in Cardiff. 


The company provides a unique service helping create audience engagement for individuals, which is personalised for each clients’ needs. As the name suggests, New Media Ghost’s service is based on ‘ghosting’ clients’ online mediums, by taking over their online profiles from social media to blogging and other online particulars. This includes, and is not limited to growing the clients’ networks and building their personal brands, managing their reputation or whatever else the clients’ goals are. What makes this approach so distinctive is putting each individual client in the centre of the entire process to save the clients’ time and yet still supporting and reaching their objectives in their own unique way. Like a KFC doesn’t reveal their recipes, New Media Ghost doesn’t  reveal what it does to take over clients’ personas when they ghost them.
Kiki Choda, the startup owner said she has worked with freelancers since 2017 and learned about Cardiff University’s opportunity, which is available to businesses who help the community. Kiki decided to take interns on board offering students valuable work experience. “Building a local community and supporting its members, New Media Ghost is strongly engaged in creating growth opportunities for students. We are focused on engaging with the local community and our goal is to create inward investment for Wales as a whole.” Choda said.
According to Alice Burke, Futures Connect Work Experience Officer at Cardiff University, “The project is a great chance for students to learn new skills and improve their professional careers. We have already had fantastic reviews on how businesses such as New Media Ghost are helping the future of our workforce today.”
The internships are being conducted throughout the summer during which the interns have been presented with a number of projects including business management, both individually as well as a team. So far, New Media Ghost has offered freelancing positions to two of the interns. 
Siwan Rees, entrepreneur acceleration manager in Cardiff, said: “It is fantastic that New Media Ghost is offering internship opportunities to students at Cardiff University. This is testament to the company’s growth and ambitions and is a wonderful opening for the students to gain invaluable experience from.”