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What makes online casinos different from each other?

Over the past few years, the casino industry has been growing at an incredible speed and has become massive. This could be due to the fact that practically everything has made its way to the online world and people would rather spend time on their phone or computer because it is much easier than actually going somewhere. It is also much easier because most people now have access to some kind of mobile device and internet connection readily available to them.

With thousands of online casinos to choose from and new ones launched practically daily, such as Vera John, it can be difficult to see how they could possibly differ from one another. This can be made easier by reading reviews from sites like Manekineko Casino, which you can find here. Someone who is new to gambling or online casinos may look at all of them and think they are all the same and all have the same things to offer. However, this is not the case as many of them are very different. For newcomers, it is important to know these differences. If you want to know more about these difference between online casinos take a look below.

The bonuses

At first glance, a welcome bonus looks like a welcome bonus, and will look like every other welcome bonus that you find at all the other casinos. But upon closer look, you will see that they all differ quite a bit from casino to casino. A few of the different welcome bonus option that casinos have to offer are free spins on the slots, free round at table games, or even free money to bet on what ever game you would like, sometimes casinos will also offer you a combination of these.

When it comes to the differences, some casinos won’t require any form of deposit before you receive the welcome bonus, whereas others will require you to deposit a minimum amount in order to receive the bonus on offer.

On top of this, differences come in the for of wagering requirements, and time limits given to complete these wagering requirements as well. Some casinos will have much easier waging requirements and time limits to accomplish than others.

Customer support

When it comes to gambling with your real, hard earned money, its good to have know that the customer service will be running efficiently and will give people peace of mind. Different online casinos have varying levels of customer support, from just have general chart rooms where you can ask other players what they have experienced and how they resolved their issues, all the way to the extreme where they have multiple channels of support that are available 24/7/.

The best online casinos will have at least a few different options of contact for you to choose from that will be best suited to your situation and problem, and will typically be able to respond to you either instantly or at least relatively quickly in order to resolve you issue without any complications or delayed reactions.


The design of an online casino is everything. First and foremost, the design is what will attract the attention of new players, but beyond that there is so much more that is crucial to be included in a good online casino design. Not every casino will make use of every one of these features making them look different and vary in ease of access.

When it comes to the design of the website, a few things that the very best online casinos will have are a quick loading time for their website, action buttons that are clear and noticeable, easy to find sign in or log in button, interactive widgets, access to the casino through any mobile device, and just an easy to navigate page that will make it simple for player to use.

The number of games

Last but not least, people go to online casinos to play the games that they have. While some online casinos are the hub of all casino games and will have every game imaginable, others are more specialized and may just cater to those who specifically want to play slots, or are only interested in playing table games. Some website may choose to focus on live games giving the player the opportunity to feel like they are actual in a casino.