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What Sort Of Qualities Should You Look For When Hiring A Lawyer

Lawyers have unrivalled experience and expertise in the legal system, which can be invaluable when dealing with complex legal issues.

However, a “passable” lawyer isn’t always going to cut it. While every attorney that has passed the bar exam has the technical ability to represent you in court, not all of them have the subject matter expertise to handle your specific case.

More often than not, you’d want to hire a lawyer with significant courtroom experience in the area of law your case falls under.

Besides their experience, you should also consider the following traits and characteristics before hiring a lawyer.

1) Persuasive

While technical legal skills are a must, a great lawyer also needs to possess the ability to persuasively argue for their client’s case in court. All the knowledge in the world is useless if the lawyer can’t communicate it effectively.

Good persuasion skills are especially important if you’re going to trial, as your lawyer will need to convince the jury of your innocence or win over the judge with their legal arguments. Persuasive lawyers are articulate, reasonable, and can move their audience at the appropriate times.

2) Composed

A good lawyer needs to be able to stay calm and composed in high-pressure situations. In the courtroom, it can be easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and start acting out in frustration.

Lawyers need to exhibit a sense of professionalism, first and foremost. Not only for their career’s sake, but also the client they’re representing.

Fortunately, most attorneys such as the high quality lawyers with LegalVision UK, are well-aware of courtroom etiquette and will act in a composed manner throughout your case.

3) Quick Witted

It’s a given that lawyers are well-educated and intelligent; they wouldn’t have passed the bar exam if they were any less.

However, the true test of a lawyer’s capability is to see how they think on their feet. A lot can happen in the courtroom, from new evidence being presented to an opposing lawyer’s line of questioning.

A great lawyer can think quickly and come up with solutions or arguments on the spot, without needing to consult with anyone else. This shows not only their high intelligence; it also shows that they can handle high-pressure situations with ease.

4) Out-of-the-box Creativity

The law can be interpreted in many ways, which is why a great lawyer needs to be creative in their thinking. They should be able to see different solutions to problems and be able to come up with new and innovative ways to approach a case.

This outside-the-box thinking is what sets great lawyers apart from the rest. They can see possibilities where others see roadblocks, and this allows them to create unique solutions for their clients.

5) Good Writing Skills

When thinking about what a lawyer does, most of us believe that it’s all about defending clients in courtrooms. However, the bulk of a lawyer’s job is actually done behind the scenes in their office. This is where they do the majority of their research, writing, and case preparation.

Good writing skills are essential for lawyers, as they need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely in both written and oral form. This is not only to serve as a reference to look back to, but it also serves as findings to clients or opposing lawyers.

6) Perseverance

The legal system can be a long and drawn-out process, which is why lawyers need to have thick skin and persevere through these tough times.

There will be times when it seems like there’s no end in sight, or that an undesirable verdict is inevitable, but a great lawyer knows how to push forward and fight for the client. Even when the odds seem insurmountable, a great lawyer will never back down without a fight.

7) Specific Legal Expertise

A lawyer’s job is to know the law inside and out, but that doesn’t mean that they possess expertise in every single area. There are many different types of law, from family law to criminal law, and each one has its unique set of complexities.

When hiring a lawyer, it’s important to find one that has specific expertise in the area of law you need assistance with. You can determine a lawyer’s abilities by checking their history and past case studies. This way, you can be confident that your lawyer can deal with your case properly without making any basic mistakes.

8) Punctuality

Last but not least, a great lawyer needs to be punctual. This means being on time for court appearances, client meetings, and deadlines.

Let’s face it, having your lawyer fail to arrive on time for a court appearance isn’t going to reflect well on you or your case. Not only is it unprofessional, but it can also make the judge impose harsh penalties.

A great lawyer knows how important punctuality is and will always strive to be on time. Their ability to be on time reflects on their discipline and work ethic; so before you hire a lawyer, make sure they value timeliness.