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What to consider when choosing business accommodation

Whether you are travelling for business, hosting clients and partners, or organising a corporate event – business accommodation needs to satisfy a number of demands. Choosing accommodation is often seen as a means to an end for a business operation, rather than being an important factor in itself. However, the right accommodation can have a significant influence on the outcome or profitability of a business trip or corporate event.

With this in mind, what factors should you consider before booking any business accommodation?


Location is obviously an essential element of any business accommodation choice. Proximity to an event, meeting or workspace is important to ensure punctuality and avoid the inconvenience of long trips to and from scheduled events.

City centre destinations will almost certainly offer a wider range of accommodation choices than non-metropolitan areas. For example, London boasts a wide range of serviced apartments that are suitable for business purposes, as well as other accommodation types.


The duration of a stay should be one of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing business accommodation. An extended business trip is likely to warrant a different solution to an overnight stay. As the duration increases, so should the functionality and comfort of an accommodation choice for the benefit of the traveller. A longer business trip demands more space for relaxing, cooking and working – as opposed to an overnight stay which a hotel room would be suitable for.


Cost is also an important factor when it comes to booking business accommodation. Finding the right balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort is significant because no business traveller wants to have an uncomfortable stay, but spending for the sake of luxury isn’t sustainable either.

Cost should always be considered with regards to duration too, as some accommodation solutions will be more cost-effective over a longer period. For example, add-on fees and charges will soon make an extended stay in a hotel more expensive than staying in a serviced apartment for the same period. Furthermore, with free use of facilities like a kitchen and no extra charges for things like Wi-Fi, a serviced apartment will be much more cost-effective as the length of a stay increases.


Facilities and services should be considered in line with all previous points because the range of facilities needed will be dependent on the type and length of a business stay. Basic facilities and services will be suitable for 1 or 2 nights, but again, extended stays will likely demand access to cooking facilities, Wi-Fi and extra space to relax and work. Laundry, gym and leisure facilities are also important considerations and are often welcome additions for travelling employees and guests.