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What to Do If Fleas Have Gotten into Your Home

Fleas remain one of the worst infestations every homeowner dreads. These pesky small insects steal the comfort of your home, leaving you and your pet itching. What’s more, the nature of these insects makes it difficult to control them in case of an infestation. They are small and jump from one place to another, so the infestation will continue if you treat one place and accidentally leave out a part. This is even made worse by the resistance of the flea eggs to many pesticides.

Before calling emergency pest control London, read about some measures to take when these uninvited guests visit your home.

How to Deal with Fleas in Your Home?

The best way to deal with fleas is to nip them in the bud. And so, it is important to understand the sources of the fleas and deal with them. While prevention is better, sometimes you can notice signs of fleas in your home when they have settled. What do you do in this case?

1. Treat Your Pets

It is pointless to proceed with other control measures without dealing with the source. Thus, after fleas have made their way into your home, the first thing to do is treat your pets. You want to visit a vet who can prescribe the best oral or topical treatment to deal with the infestation.

After that, you should follow the treatment with regular vet checkups to avoid further infestation. Also, flea combing and shampooing help remove fleas that might jump on your pet in between checkups.

2. Clean Your Bedding

After treating your pets, the next thing to do is thoroughly clean your bedding and pet bedding in the highest heat setting and with soap. Heat and soap will kill any adult fleas and eggs in your bedding. After that, you want to dry them in the highest heat settings; this will kill any remaining fleas. 

3. Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning your carpet, rugs, upholstery, and mattresses is an effective way of dealing with fleas in all stages. It kills adult fleas and eliminates flea eggs, pupae, and larvae, preventing further infestation. Moreover, it removes any flea feces, depriving developing fleas of food.

The trick is to focus on areas where your pet loves to rest and cracks and crevices that fleas are likely to hide. And after finishing with the vacuum cleaner, ensure the bag you have used does not come in contact with your home contents.

4. Hire a Steam Cleaner

In severe flea infestations, steam cleaning is necessary before vacuum cleaning. The high heat and soap will kill any adult flea in your carpet, upholstery, or bedding. However, it is important to note that steam cleaning will not get rid of flea eggs, and thus you will need to follow up with regular vacuum cleaning to get rid of flea eggs and fleas that might be hatched afterward.

5. Rodent Monitoring and Control

As discussed, pets are one of many sources of fleas in your home. In addition, rodents such as mice and rats can also bring fleas into your home. So, as you control flea infestation, monitoring and controlling any rodents in your home is important. Keep your yard clean and observe proper waste management. Also, you want to keep your compound free of crawl spaces and bushes where feral animals can find shelter.

6. Call in Emergency Pest Control Experts

When you have tried all these measures and cannot get hold of your flea problem, it is time to consider emergency pest control services. The experts will assess the source and the extent of the flea infestation to ensure effective control measures are put in place.


The most effective solution against fleas in the apartment is cleanliness. These insects are much easier to remove than cockroaches or red ants. Insects that are brought in accidentally are especially easy to remove. But it will be more difficult if they crawl out of cracks, from the attic or basement. But even here, regular cleaning and treatment of cracks, baseboards, and doors with anti-flea agents will help.
Dealing with fleas in your home requires a lot of effort and consistency. However, you can save yourself the hustle by engaging pest control experts as soon as you notice signs of fleas in your home. Since they are well experienced, they can assess your flea problem and kill them at the source before the situation worsens.