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When Is The Best Time To Change Your Boiler

There will be numerous expert opinions and suggestions listed on many online forums giving guidance on why and when you should either install, refurbish, replace, or change the boiler in your house. The best reasons will always be why you, as the homeowner and affected party, feel the boiler in your home needs to be changed or replaced. Boilers last for several years from the time they are installed. However, over time and due to constant wear and tear, boilers can lose their efficacy and begin to operate defectively. Invariably, you get to know when it is time to replace or change your boiler.

To start with, the boiler will break down on loading and cease to deliver heat or hot water. The first time this happens, you may decide to call the service technicians and get the defective boiler repaired. There will be a cost involved. However, when a second breakdown occurs, you will start to weigh the options of whether to fix it or replace it. Sometimes the cost of repairing the boiler could be almost equivalent to installing a new one. A simple indicator could be the insufficient heating or continuous flow of lukewarm or cold water. Any of these issues are indicators that you should replace your boiler. Also, if the radiators take longer to warm up than they should, it could be an indicator to replace the boiler.

One of the most standout indicators is to observe your month-on-month utility or energy consumption bills. If you notice your monthly utility bills steadily rising over 3 or 4 months, it definitely warrants a check-up of the boiler and heating system in your home. Essentially, a less efficient boiler will land up consuming more energy, thereby increasing the utility bill. Sometimes it is observed that boilers and radiators start to make certain vibration sounds. This means that some operating parts need to be checked and overhauled. Sounds resembling a dull, continuous humming, metal clunking as in vibration, or even a hammer sound due to pressure differentials are indications of defective operations in a boiler and its accessories.

The best way to understand which is the best combi boiler suited for your home is to seek assistance from an expert who can help you assess your requirements and then guide you to make a more meaningful decision, especially considering that you would be spending a lot of money. This will also help ensure all the heating requirements of your home will be taken care of, plus you will get the care and help from subject matter experts.

Let us help you decide when is the best time to change your boiler.


There should never be a leak in any part of your boiler or the connecting piping. Any leakages on the boiler, when developed, means that the equipment is on its way to the end of life. Leakages in a boiler generally happen whenever there is corrosion on the body or joints or if a valve or seal has broken or ruptured. In the event of a leak, it is best to switch off the boiler and call for professional help. Leakages mean that the heating will be inefficient and water will get wasted.

Reduction in Operational Efficiency

It is critical to ensure that your boiler at home is regularly serviced and cleaned. It is advisable to always keep a close watch on its fuel and energy consumption pattern. This will provide confirmation of the health of your boiler. Higher the Energy consumption lower will be the efficiency, which is the indication of issues in your boiler. This may be the right time to consider replacing the old boiler with a newer, more energy-efficient one. It will help save energy consumption and cost.

Reduction In The Heating Capacity

One sure way to ascertain if your boiler needs to be changed or not is when some rooms feel cooler than the others. This means that the heating capacity of your boiler has dropped, and the dissipation of heat is not happening uniformly throughout the home. In such cases, it is possible that the thermostatic controllers of your boiler are malfunctioning, and they are no longer effective.

Replacing or changing your boiler can become a critical decision since so many newer types of highly efficient boilers are available in the market. It is vital to consider which one is best suited for your requirement at home.