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Where Are the Perfect Destinations for 5G AR App in Wales?

David Attenborough has announced a partnership with the company, https://www.factory42.uk/, that will make exotic plants and animals much more accessible to people from around the UK. According to https://www.bbc.co.uk/, the Green Planet AR app has received £2.3 million in government funding and is expected to be released in 2022, alongside a BBC show that Attenborough will narrate.  

With the help of augmented reality (AR) and 5G, users will be able to see super-imposed, detailed graphics of British plants, animals and beauty spots on their phones. Wales is due to be on the list thanks to the principality’s incredible natural diversity, but which areas should make the cut?

Llŷn Peninsula  

To most Brits, the Llŷn Peninsula isn’t very well-known, and Welsh residents want to keep it that way! An extension of Snowdonia, the peninsula is recognised as an “Area of Natural Beauty,” (AONB) according to https://www.visitwales.com/, one of the several in Wales. What makes Llŷn special is the scenery and topography that are almost impossible to find anywhere else in the United Kingdom.  

A perfect example is the volcanic peaks that are no longer active. The Lake District and the Cotswolds might have hills and tarns, but they can’t boast historic volcanoes that used to blast out red-hot lava. An augmented reality depiction of the magma that formed the stunning landscape would be a sight to behold.  

The same goes for the former Iron Age forts built by our ancestors over a stretch of the Wales Coast Path that is almost 100-miles long. https://www.walescoastpath.gov.uk/ points out that the path takes visitors through its heritage, as well as its landscapes and communities, meaning an AR version would add even more value.  

Gower Peninsula  

Like the Llŷn Peninsula, the Gower Peninsula is a breath-taking spot renowned for its wide-reaching boundaries. https://enjoygower.com/ says it’s one of the first places designated as an AONB in 1949 as a result of its unspoiled features. Of course, these properties make it an ideal home for wildlife, something Gower has in spades.  

The Green Planet AR app would be able to take Gower’s three nature reserves – Mumbles Hill, Whiteford and Bishop’s Wood – to another level by showcasing the hardest-to-find animals. Entertainingly researching wildlife has always been a passion for people, even if they can’t go outside. Firstly, there are numerous documentaries with millions of viewers on terrestrial TV, such as Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Secondly, the casino industry is using animal themes in an entertaining way to great effect, as highlighted by https://www.fruitkings.com/, which uses wildlife games to enhance the user experience. Examples such as this show how wildlife and animal themes are always relevant in popular entertainment.

Therefore, the ecological aspect of Gower would be arguably very interesting and entertaining for remote audiences.

Puffin Island  

Puffin Island is in Anglesey, and it regularly wows visitors with boat trips that showcase puffins in their natural habitat. Similar to the other attractions on the list, an AR app would engage anyone who wasn’t fortunate enough to be in the vicinity and see the birds in the flesh.  

However, it would complement the thousands of cruises that visit Ynys Seiriol in the Menai Straits by incorporating extra information for travellers. Without having to pay more money, guests could easily learn about the history and ecology of the island via an app on their smartphones.  

For the likes of https://www.seacoastsafaris.co.uk/, this would only add to their entertaining and informative commentary by offering additional statistics and data on places of interest that are pointed out.  


Wales being the natural beauty hot spot that it is, it will be challenging to create a shortlist of the main contenders. However, there’s no doubt that Llŷn Peninsula, Gower Peninsula and Puffin Island should part of the conversation.