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Why Are Competition Sites So Popular, And Which Ones Can You Trust?

Who doesn’t love free stuff? It’s just satisfying to receive something in exchange for nothing. Of course, that only holds true if you haven’t done anything illegal to obtain it, but there are plenty of ways to get free goodies without straying from the path of righteousness.

One of the most common ways to pick up some good stuff is to engage with competition sites. These platforms essentially offer the chance to win anything from cash to consumer tech and even vehicles or houses, and all you have to do is sign up. It’s not technically free; after all, you usually need to pay for tickets to the competition.

Still, this is likely the best way to get incredible goodies – many of which are usually prohibitively expensive – without spending too much money. Free stuff may be too good to be true, but entering competitions on competition sites certainly isn’t; it’s real, and here’s the lowdown on using competitions to get what you want.

What’s our favourite competition site?

Before we get into why everyone loves competition sites so much, let’s talk about which one you should be using if you decide to enter this world. After all, there’s a lot of choice, and not all the sites are reputable!

Our favourite competition site

Hands down, our favourite competition platform is CompetitionGo. This site has a five-star rating on Trustpilot, which is of paramount importance for any platform of this nature; you need to know that when you spend money on competition tickets, you’re getting a fair chance to win real prizes, and that’s what CompetitionGo offers.

At time of writing, CompetitionGo has a huge variety of stuff up for grabs. You could win a gaming headset, a Samsung smart TV, tax-free cash, or even a PS5, which is massive because Sony’s newest gaming console is in high demand at the moment. Of course, competitions change regularly, so if none of those prizes tickle your fancy, you can always check back!

CompetitionGo is transparent, reliable, and easy to use, which is why it gets our top spot. There’s an FAQs section where you can get answers to common questions regularly asked about competition platforms, and there’s also a blog in which you’ll find insight about the site, its operations, and the competition industry in general!

Other reputable competition platforms

While CompetitionGo is our favourite site, there are others you could visit that are reputable, reliable, and well-crafted. These include Competition Database, which aggregates competitions from around the UK and shows you what prizes are on offer and how you can enter. There’s also Competition Finder, which operates on a similar principle but includes a wider range of different competitions.

In essence, if you search for a good competition site, it’s hard not to find one. That’s because this is a burgeoning industry with incredible potential, and you’re bound to discover an exciting competition offering up a real chance of winning an excellent prize. No matter whether you’re into tech, motorsports, travel, or any other industry, you’ll inevitably discover the perfect competition for you with just a little searching (or you could just use CompetitionGo!).

Why do people love competition sites?

Now you know which platforms we recommend, let’s delve a little into the psychology of why competition sites are so popular.

Everyone has an equal chance of winning

Most competition sites are levellers. They don’t ask anything of their participants in terms of entry requirements; if the competition is paid, you merely need to buy as many tickets as the site allows, and if it’s free, just sign up to enter, no strings attached. This equality is appealing to many who may lack the general knowledge or skill required to enter more difficult competitions.

Competitions are shown to increase engagement for brands

When brands want to market products via social media, they’ll often use competitions to engage users and entice them into participating. That’s because we just love a good competition; going up against other entrants for a chance to win a prize is a big adrenaline rush, and it makes many of us feel good just knowing we’ve entered. The principle is the same with competition websites!

The prize range is phenomenal

Most competition sites worth their salt don’t offer up unremarkable prizes. As we mentioned earlier with CompetitionGo, prizes usually consist of high-end technology and difficult-to-obtain consumer tech pieces, as well as holidays, tax-free cash, and more. These are all prizes anyone wants at any time of their life, so there’s no reason not to enter!

Legitimacy is easy to prove

Unlike many shadier types of website, it’s easy to assess the veracity and legitimacy of a competition platform. If they’ve got active socials, a Trustpilot presence, and an easy way to contact them on their main page, then they’re likely legit. You can read other customer reviews to ascertain whether you should join in or not, and that’s much more appealing than some less scrupulous industries.

Competitions are fun

Considering the low barrier to entry, it’s just enjoyable to enter a competition and follow its progress to see if you’ve won. Even if you don’t win, the competition could foster a sense of community that persists into the next one and could result in lasting friendships outside the platform. To put it simply, competitions are fun, and that’s why we love entering them!