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Why DOES It Rain So Much in Wales?

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If you have ever taken a trip to Wales, you know the weather is unpredictable. It may be the height of summer and glorious sunshine when you leave home but, as you get closer and closer, the clouds begin to creep in and get darker, and as soon as you cross the border, it rains. Wales boasts some absolutely incredible scenery, towns and cities that buzz with life and the people are always warm and welcoming. But if you forget to pack your umbrella and waterproof coat, you’re sure to be splashing through the puddles and running to find the nearest shop to buy them in no time. But why does it rain so much in Wales?


Wales is a hotspot for Brits. It is close enough that it’s an easy drive, but usually far away enough that you do feel like you’re escaping your normality and routine. It’s the perfect staycation destination, whether you want the wonders of the national park or the bustle of the city. But the location of Wales could also be one of the reasons it receives such wet and unpredictable weather. Lying off to the west of the UK is the Atlantic Ocean, which can be held accountable for a lot of the weather received. And, unfortunately for Wales, it usually gets the brunt of it. The jet stream is where the hot and cold air collide, and Wales lies right underneath it. It’s the jet stream that pushes the weather fronts in this direction, giving Wales its notorious wet reputation.


There is no doubt that the landscape in Wales is stunning. It’s the reason a lot of people want to visit the area, from rolling hillsides and deep valleys to the towering Mount Snowdon. There is so much amazing scenery to take in and explore. But these high mountainous regions may be one of the reasons it rains so much in Wales. As air comes across from the ocean, pushed by the jet stream, the mountains block its path, causing the air to rise. As it rises it cools, and can no longer contain the moisture it has collected, so it falls as rain. The air rises that high and gets so cold that you can usually find a layer of snow at the very top of Mount Snowdon! If you’re planning a hiking trip, it’s best to pack your rain gear, and maybe even your woollies too!

What to Do in Wales

Don’t go hastily crossing off Wales from your list of places to visit yet though! It may rain, quite a lot, but now you’re knowledgeable, you can prepare for it. If you do wake up to the pitter patter of droplets from the skies, there are multiple ways you can keep yourself entertained. And it doesn’t actually rain every single day. You’re bound to get a couple of brighter skies, and maybe even glorious sunshine, especially if you visit in the summer.

Wales is a beautiful place to visit, and now you know that it’s not just your bad luck that’s brought the wet weather with you.