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Why Every Student Should Be Educated In Cybersecurity

Did you know that in 2023, the National Cyber Security Centre received 2,005 reports of cybersecurity issues? 

This is an increase of almost 64% from 1,226 the previous year.

Navigating the digital terrain, particularly here in Wales, underscores the need to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to protect against online threats.

By imparting an understanding of cybersecurity, we are safeguarding students in the face of digital challenges that are always evolving.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of cybersecurity education for young people in Wales.

Protecting Personal Identities

As proud Welsh residents, we value our sense of community and identity. 

Cybersecurity education ensures our students understand the importance of protecting their online identities. 

It’s not just about using and creating strong passwords; it’s also about understanding the implications of identity theft and how it can affect them personally and professionally.

Cybersecurity education can give them the skills to identify phishing attempts, malicious websites, and online scams. 

Just like we teach them road safety to navigate the physical world, we must guide them through the virtual one.

Threats are on the rise across all UK businesses. There were approximately 2.39 million instances of cybercrime and approximately 49,000 instances of fraud as a result of cybercrime in the last 12 months.

By making an effort to educate our young people, we not only make them safer in the online elements of their lives but also further our own understanding of all the threats that both we and they face when using the internet.

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Future-Proofing The Careers

Students have the potential to move on and shape the future, not only within their communities but also on a global scale. 

The Cybersecurity market in the United Kingdom is projected to grow by 11.65% (2024-2028), resulting in a market volume of US$16.52bn in 2028. 

At the same time, the demand for individuals skilled in cybersecurity has never been higher. By providing students with a solid education in this field, we are arming them with the expertise necessary to navigate and excel in the rapidly changing job market.

The more skills a student has, the greater their chance of fulfilling employment. 

While it isn’t the only essential skill, cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the most prominent. Being well-versed in online safety procedures opens up more possibilities in a variety of industries.

Here are a few ways students can benefit from an education such as this:

  • Identity Protection: They’ll understand the importance of keeping their identities safe when online
  • Phishing Awareness: These scams are becoming more difficult to spot. By teaching your young people the hallmarks of a phishing scam, you’ll increase their safety online.
  • Safe Browsing Habits: Some sites can present risks such as malware, and avoiding them is a must. A proper digital education will mean the students of Wales will have a much better idea of which websites are best to avoid.
  • Career Readiness: They’ll develop skills for future careers in the cybersecurity field.

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You’ll be able to review some of the geo-restricted educational content and, therefore, create a better learning program. 


Teaching the students of Wales how to stay safe online isn’t just a matter of personal security. 

Having such knowledge can contribute to their level of employability in the future. 

While being able to keep themselves safe is a major factor when learning about cybersecurity, the bigger picture is just as important. 

The world is continuing to evolve, and online tasks are only going to increase. By keeping education in line with these emerging revolutions, the young generation of Wales won’t fall behind.