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Why you should study a second language

Today we find ourselves in a very interconnected way whether it is within your own neighborhood or to a city thousands of miles away. We find that we are constantly engaged in a world that we can access in a more meaningful and intimate way. If you’re considering learning a second language you will find out that it can be a vital skill set which will give you an edge to compete and succeed in a tight economy.

Connections through learning a second language

One of the best benefits of learning a second language is our ability to connect with others, which is generally part of The human experience. Being bilingual you will have the unique opportunity to communicate with someone in their own language. Not to mention you will have the ability to communicate with a wider range of people in both personal and professional settings.If you are in a foreign country and you know the language, you will find that you will be treated as more of a local than as a foreigner. Being able to take part in community activities will help you develop lifelong connections and friendships. Just for these reasons by themselves are a great reward for learning a new language and you will see the benefits for years to come. This is especially true if it is one of the hardest languages to learn.

Enhance your career by being Bilingual

Having a language skill set is something that can give you a competitive edge that is significant and will set you apart from your peers that only speak one language. Increasingly having a second language is in higher demand; it is now within the top eight skill-sets required for all occupations. Recently the demand for professionals who are bilingual have risen significantly in the last 10 years. Job postings in the United States that are geared towards seeking a bilingual professional have more than doubled. With multiple residents in your country speaking a second language you do not have to go very far to find a job where language skills will lead to higher bonuses and an increased salary. It doesn’t matter which career path you are taking if you have language skills on your resume you will be Head and Shoulders above your competition

Education in a foriegn language

Another benefit of speaking another language is that you can also go to school in a different country. This might correlate to a less expensive university education and could enable you to have a better starting point once you complete your education. You could imagine that if you are interested in art history, then one of the best places to go and earn a degree in a foreign country might be Italy. If you have a solid foothold in the language you will find that your studies will be not simply limited to the classroom. If you were to get your degree internationally it would really deepen your studies in a much more significant way than simply doing a semester abroad.

Enhance your travel through language learning

Being able to experience the world as you travel speaking the language of the locals will certainly revolutionize any kind of Journey abroad. Even though people who speak a single language are still capable of going to the same places, it is the travelers that speak more than one language who can easily navigate areas outside of the typical tourist destinations. By being able to connect as well as interact with the locals in a way that is essentially inaccessible to others who don’t possess the language you will see that it opens many doors and opportunities while you are studying abroad