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Why You Should Travel with Your Partner before Marriage

Everyone dreams about getting married only once and having a happy ever after. But unfortunately, the divorce rate is very high – according to recent statistics, it has already reached 42 per cent

If you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce, you should check whether your partner is the right one for you and whether your relationship will thrive in the long run. The easiest way to do it is to go on a trip as a couple. Do you wonder how traveling can benefit your relationship? Keep on reading to learn more on this topic.

Check whether Your Partner Is Ready to Take Responsibility 

When you date someone, you don’t feel the burden of responsibilities. You enjoy being in love, and that’s it. But once you get married, everything changes. As a married couple, you should decide who is responsible for what, from sharing household chores to paying bills and renovating your house.

You don’t want to get married to a complainer and excuse-maker, do you? Here is what you can do to make sure that your partner will not disappoint you in the long run. Go on a trip together and see what your partner will do in the following situations:

  • Your baggage got lost.
  • Your flight got canceled.
  • Your hotel room looks nothing like it was shown in the ad.

If your partner takes the lead and tries to solve these problems, you can be sure he will take responsibility in whatever situation. But if he starts complaining and waits for you to solve these issues, that will be a red flag – you will likely get disappointed in this person after getting married.

See How Your Partner Copes with Changes 

Some people easily accept changes, while others need more time to adjust. Life never goes smoothly, and you should know how your partner will react if something unpredictable happens.

Let’s consider the following scenario: you have missed your connecting flight in Paris, and now you have two options:

  • Stay at the airport and wait for another flight for seven hours
  • Enjoy the opportunity to explore Paris – leave the airport for a few hours and then get back to catch the next flight.

If both of you tend to the same option, that’s great! But if you choose to explore the city while your partner decides to stay and wait – that might be a problem. If one of you is open to new opportunities while the other is not, your marriage will unlikely last long.

Test Their Risk-Taking Abilities

Risk-taking is a great thing, but only to some degree. Some people are obsessed with risk-taking activities: they explore extreme dive sites, climb mountains without safety equipment, and lose all their money in casinos.

If you don’t want to share your life with a risk-taker, you should test your partner before marriage. When on a trip, ask him whether he would like to try out extreme activities like skydiving and bungee jumping or play poker at a local casino. If you find out that your partner is a gambler, you will need to decide whether you can accept it or not.

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Wrapping Up

Traveling gives you lots of opportunities to learn more about your partner, his abilities, and attitudes. So we highly encourage you to go on vacation together before you get engaged and start planning your wedding day.