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Will the Wales team be able to repeat the success of 2016 in Qatar?

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The Wales team has recently had a great run, and things look promising after qualifying for three of the last four major tournaments and getting a better ranking in FIFA at position 117 as of 2011.

Wales had made their first and only appearance in 1958, where their journey ended after they lost in the quarter-finals to that time’s winners; Brazil. Gareth played a vital role in their match against Ukraine, where they played the qualifying playoffs when they won to play at the marquee international tournament after their win in the first half.

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Can Gareth Bale and Ramsey take Wales to the World Cup?

If we look at the history, Wales qualified for the 1958 World Cup thanks to their winger, Cliff Jones. This can happen again in 2022 when they have Gareth Bale as one of their best players on the team. Wales has not been on the world stage for 64 years ago.

Gareth Bales is the driving force behind the victories Wales is currently experiencing. Many people have hope in him even though he is coming to the end of his career after he recently left Real Madrid, where they won 5 champions league titles while he played for them.

Bales has xG stats of 2.02 in MLS, and this could be a great indicator that they will get an opportunity to get to the World Cup semi-finals. Before the EURO 2016, Bales had an average of xG 2.051. The stats have improved to his favour, which earns him a good spot compared to other top players in the tournament.

In previous matches, Bales has been responsible for 42% of goals scored by Wales. Their first tournament for 58 years was the Euro 2016, where they scored eleven goals, and Bales was responsible for 7 of them and assisted in 2.

We believe Ramsey will also come in handy when he is part of the team. From previous matches, they have been seen to have excellent synchrony playing in the same team. In Euro 2016, Ramsey assisted in four goals with Eden Hazard.

Bale has played 267 minutes in La Liga, while the club competition that Ramsey has played in is the Scottish cup which he played for 140 minutes. Ramsey has been in the World Cup qualifiers than in Italian, Champions, Europa, and Scottish leagues combined.

Who will make it to be part of the Wales World Cup Team?

The Wales team is eager to see who will get a confirmation from the team’s coach Robert Page. We hope that Bale, Ramsey, and James will get an excellent team to help them perform better than they had in 1958. The coach needs to develop 26 players who will represent the country in Qatar for the world cup.

From the look of things, Page has a wide selection of players to choose from, but there are those that he will likely go with. If we were to look at the most vital 11 players in the team, you could most likely predict the people who will make it to the world cup team.

The three strongest backline players in the team are Rodon, Chris Mepham, and Ben Davies. These are the three men who will be shielding Hennessey. The coach will likely go with Connor Roberts and Neco Williams for the wingbacks. Aaron Ramsey and Ethan Ampadu should take the central midfielders’ positions. Kieffer Moore will likely lead the attack through the middle while Gareth Bale and Daniel Jamestake up the wide areas on the pitch.

We believe most of the oddsmakers have these players as the expected team representing Wales in the World Cup. With such, Wales xG before Qatar stands at 1.54.

MLS Vs La Liga Championships Stats

When you look at the statistics offered by different oddsmakers and analysts, you will realize that they are different and will not give you a defined outcome or a prediction of how well the team or players will perform. The stats from the MLS and La Liga championships are different and will lower your expectations towards a player like Bale, who has an xG of 2.02 in Qatar. Overall, we are hopeful that Wales will put on a great play and watch out for the best and good performances from the team.


Even with all these analyses and statistics, it will be hard to give a conclusive finding on how Wales will perform in the World Cup. The positive bit is that they have made history by qualifying for the world cup after 58 years. This is a milestone that is worth celebrating and congratulating them on.