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Winter Wines to Enjoy on a Welsh Dinner with Friends

Winter is coming, and the sunny days are just a blissful memory that seems so distant. As our biorhythm is adapting to shorter days and longer nights, our daily routines change as well. To make a smooth transition to the cold months ahead of us, a glass of wine along with a delicious dinner by the fire is always a good idea. But what type of wine is perfect for a cosy winter night?

Even though we all associate winter only with red wines, there are also some white wines that are increasingly recognized for the warmth they can bring during harsh winter days. And with the impressive Welsh cuisine, you can create a fabulous dinner you can share with your friends.

So, here we will see some of the best winter wines you can enjoy at a Welsh dinner with friends and taste some of the best combinations. So let’s get into it right away.


Since we already mentioned that you could also drink white wines during winter, let’s start with one. Chardonnay has been one of the most popular white wines all across the globe for hundreds of years, and even though there are many reasons for it, for us, it is essential that it is an excellent drink during winter. So, now is the perfect time to whip out a bottle of some beautifully oaked Chardonnay.

It is generally complex and medium-bodied, with various ripe fruit notes mainly of pineapple and melon. Also, it is a dry white wine that has crisp notes of guava, pear, emanating fresh apple and lemon peel.

And as for the dinner with your beloved friends, Chardonnay pairs exceptionally well with the traditional Welsh Glamorgan sausages. It is a vegetarian sausage made with the delicious Caerphilly cheese that is coated in breadcrumbs. You will need a premium wine to bring the whole experience to a new level, so you can check out this special selection of hard to find wines where you can find the perfect wine choice. Of course, you can’t go wrong with 8wines since it is one of the best online platforms for wines all across Europe.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a known fact that Wales has some of the best traditional food that will stay relevant in the cuisine no matter how it will be produced in the future. And the same goes for Cabernet Sauvignon since it is one of the oldest types of red wines in the world, and it will stay relevant in the future since it has an exquisite taste, of course, when produced the right way.

Cabernet Sauvignon pairs exceptionally well with a winter dinner along with some of your beloved friends because of many reasons. Cabernet can make a fully-bodied, dry, complex fruit-forward wine if it is vinified in a quality way. Usually, this wine has the taste of black fruit backed by tannins that are noticeable, and it is a rich red wine that fits perfectly during harsh winter days.

It also goes extremely well with Welsh beef, especially roast beef, because the tannins can cut the fattiness and juiciness of the meat. And even though this wine pairs well with beef in general, pairing it with Welsh beef is an entirely different story. Welsh farmers believe that they must always use the best of everything, from the sharpest sheepdogs, the best and quality grass, and their well-kept husbandry secrets. So it is not a surprise that it has a PGI status, which guarantees that you are buying a product that is of premium quality.

Pinot Noir

Another red wine that will most certainly warm your heart during cold winter nights is Pinot Noir.

In general, this beautiful red wine tends to be tangier, crisper, and lighter in colour. Also, there is an interesting reason why it is a perfect choice for winter. So, what makes this grape variety’s wines great for cold days is that the lighter characteristics provide the best way to balance out the boldly flavoured and hearty dishes that are practical to eat this time of year. These food types include duck, beef, stews, casseroles, etc.

But if you want to try something different with your friends while drinking Pinot Noir, it is nice to try the Welsh angiddy cheese, a soft cheese made with pasteurized milk. It is mould-ripened and has a rich, creamy taste. So, in essence, Pinot Noir pairs really well with various Welsh food recipes, and it is a wine that is truly a fantastic choice during winter times.


Yes, you read that right; Champagne is also an excellent choice for the winter season. Not only because it is the most festive season of the year, that goes without saying, but also because it pairs exceptionally well with various winter foods.

Champagne pairs well with almost any type of dinner recipe you can imagine because it has a high level of acidity, which acts beautifully as a palate cleanser. It may be a surprise to you, which is expected since Champagne usually is thought of as a wine that goes well with oysters, as an aperitif, caviar, etc. This popular opinion is present among people because it is a wine that is associated with something luxurious or a celebration. But, now, as winter is around the corner, you can try something totally different and realize how many advantages Champagne can bring.

As for food pairing with sparkling wines, as mentioned earlier, they pair tremendously well with any winter food, so you can pick any food type listed above or try something new that you have never cooked before. You may have had different ideas when you thought of a Welsh dinner with wine, but as it turns out, Campagne has to offer many other options you can enjoy with your friends.

Final Words

Here you have some of the best wine choices for your Welsh winter dinner with your beloved friends. You don’t have to pick one since it is best to try all of them, enjoy the classical options or try something new and find a unique taste you like.

Red, white, or sparkling, these wine options will make winter warmer, and you won’t be aching for sunny summer days too often because winter can also be exciting when you make a perfect choice.

So don’t waste any more time and purchase some of these wines as soon as possible!