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Yellow Sub Geo Ltd acquires AnAqSim water modelling technology

Jason Morrissey - Yellow Sub Geo chief science officer

Wales based climate change technology company, Yellow Sub Geo Ltd, has acquired the US based AnAqSim groundwater modelling software business from its creator Dr Charlie Fitts of Fitts Geosolutions.

The AnAqSim software provides an efficient and flexible alternative to conventional methods for modelling water problems. Applications range from simple calculations to very large and complex catchment-scale groundwater models. AnAqSim has a wide international user base including universities, consultancies and major engineering and mining companies.

The IP acquisition will enable Yellow Sub Geo to invest in updates to the AnAqSim product, leveraging cloud-computing whilst also maximising user accessibility. The software business comes with a track record of deployment across multiple sectors and industries and boasts a global community of highly-engaged users.

AnAqSim has a range of practical and commercial applications including construction dewatering, mine water management, simulation of groundwater remediation designs, infiltration mounding, regional aquifer flow, capture zones, well field impacts, fresh/salt interface flow in coastal aquifers, path-lines, advective transport, and embankment seepage.

Yellow Sub Geo chief science officer, Jason Morrissey, explained:

“I’ve studied and used the work of Dr Fitts and his AnAqSim software for many years and it’s fair to say that I am a big fan and regard him as something of an unofficial mentor. It’s a privilege to now consider him a friend and colleague and I am excited to be co-producing the next steps of his life’s work in AnAqSim together”.

“Ultimately our mission is to develop technology that, through speed, access and transparency, democratises data and drives more meaningful stakeholder engagement and decision-making. AnAqSim is a key tool to enable the delivery of this ambition,” he said.

As part of its ongoing development, AnAqSim will also be available as a cloud-deployed version.

Dr Charlie Fitts, Fitts Geosolutions founder, author of Groundwater Science and former professor at the University of Southern Maine, USA said:

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with Yellow Sub to keep improving AnAqSim and offer it in a software as a service (SaaS) model. Yellow Sub programmers have already helped improve computational performance substantially and added several useful outputs, many that work with batch mode runs. More improvements are slated.

“With the SaaS model you can run AnAqSim from any computer, access powerful cloud computing (GPUs, numerous cores), and avoid the IT hassles that come with licences on multiple office computers.”

Yellow Sub Geo is part of the Yellow Sub Group, a proudly triple bottom line (people, planet & profit), B Corp Certified business, reimagining business for good.