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10 Signs You Are Addicted to Gambling

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Gambling is an activity that you should do at leisure. A gambler should be able to decide when to gamble and when to apply the brakes and stand out. However, self-control is not always achievable as many are addicted to gambling, just like alcohol and related substances. Healthline regards gambling addiction as an abnormality that should be given urgent attention.

Sometimes, the addiction can start with compulsive gambling.  Even when you don’t have the resources, you just claim free spins with no deposit bonus to ensure you participate in gambling. There are significant 10 signs that indicate you are addicted to gambling. See the list below:

1. Preoccupation with gambling

Finding it difficult to take your mind off gambling is a sign that you are addicted to it. It would be best if you only thought of gambling when you are free. You may also consider gambling when you have excess money to play games. Therefore, it is terrible when your thoughts revolve around gambling each day.

Also, this can be seen in your attitude towards gambling when you are obsessed to the point where you don’t care about people’s opinions. It is a clear sign you are addicted to gambling.

2. Inability to refrain yourself from gambling

Quitting gambling can be a decision or an action. You might decide to quit gambling but unable to make yourself stop the act. When you attempt to stop gambling, and you realize you could not. It is a sign that you are addicted to gambling.

Perhaps you have committed to stop gambling. Or you could not afford gambling at a time, and you still go ahead with it. They are unhealthy signs that you are addicted to the game.

3. Gambling despite huge loses

Gambling is a game with two possible results; It is either you win or lose. The loss can be huge and may require you to refrain from gambling for some period. However, when you still engage in gambling despite this loss, you are undoubtedly addicted to gambling.

4. Presence of withdrawal symptoms

Every addiction has withdrawal symptoms that surface after leaving such a habit. This is the aftermath of leaving such a habit. If proper care is not taken, it may lead such a person back into the habit. You may exhibit some symptoms when you are unable to gamble for some period.

Maybe you show signs of depression when you cannot access your device to gamble for a period. Or you could not visit a casino house for some reason. Some other signs can be restlessness, sickness, and sadness.

5. Unusual happiness when gambling

This sign is one of the signs that could be dangerous for a player. Some gamblers find it difficult to maintain happiness until they engage in gambling. Such an act is a behavioural disorder. You should watch out if you have unusual happiness when you gamble. It is a sign you are getting addicted to gambling.

Gambling should not be your source of happiness nor sadness. It is a disorder to find your happiness in the act of gambling.

6. Doing anything to gamble

Making gambling a do or die affair is a wrong attitude to gambling. Some people engage in bad acts to ensure they can gamble. It is a sign of addiction when you engage in illegal activities to finance your gambling activities.

Engaging in acts such as stealing to finance gambling is terrible. Likewise, having to break government laws to gamble is also a sign of addiction.

7. Hiding your gambling attitude

Gambling is legal in some communities and illegal in some. It is okay to hide your gambling attitude in an environment where it is illegal. Meanwhile, having to hide your gambling act where it is legal is a sign you are addicted. You may begin to lie to your family and friends about what you are doing. A person who vehemently denies gambling even against strong evidence is addicted to gambling.

8. Financially wrecked

A bad attitude toward gambling can result in a massive loss of money. As a result, such a player will be forced into financial problems and debt. Therefore, when you notice a gambler who now finds it difficult to afford to gamble, it is a sign of addiction. You may need to depend on others to finance their gambling act.

Likewise, you may find yourself borrowing money and unable to repay such loans. Inability to pay bills and cover self-expenses are signs that you have been addicted to gambling.

9. Feeling guilty after gambling.

Gambling is a fun-filled activity as it involves entertainment. You also have the opportunity to win some real money. However, it is a sign of addiction when you begin to experience guilt or feel remorse after gambling. The guilt may come as a result of the loss you include. Meanwhile, you have been feeling reluctant to engage in the act beforehand.

Despite feeling remorse for a while, you may still find yourself in the act again. This is compulsive gambling, and you may need help to overcome this.

10. Dysfunctional behaviours

When you are addicted to gambling, your behaviour is one of the indicators. You will begin to exhibit behavioural disorders. Your colleagues at work may begin to complain about you not being cheerful. Your production at work may also be affected.

Likewise, you may experience mood swings at times. All of these dysfunctions are clear signs that you are addicted to gambling.


Gambling addiction is inevitable when you are unable to put checks on your gambling activities. Gambling is full of fun and entertainment; it becomes easy to get addicted to it. Therefore, it would be best to put up measures such as budgeted gambling to keep a tab on your gambling activities.

In case you notice you are addicted, you should seek professional help. You should reach out to a counsellor to help you out. Likewise, it would be best if you took advantage of features such as responsible gaming and self-exclusion programs to control the gambling habit.