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10 Tactics to Enhance Your Streaming Experience In Canada

There appears to be no end in sight for people’s appetite for media. It’s how we stay up to date on current events and entertain ourselves. While there has been a slew of new next-generation media platforms recently, all of them providing content in a variety of formats, some media puts a greater demand on our technology than others.

Canada is a hub to technology where a large number of users are connected to renowned streaming platforms, streaming music or video regularly with high-quality connectivity and reliable accessibility to entertainment stuff, besides this due to firm copyright laws and policies there are a lot of streaming platforms blocked, you can read here.

The bigger the streaming share is, the better and fantastic. That is until your stream gets bogged down or your video becomes a disorienting jumble of buffering pixels. Apart from this, other issues can come across to destroy your charm towards quality streaming.

To enhance your streaming experience in Canada we have put down here ten ways that we are sure of to support you in acquiring quality streaming service.

  • Shut Off  Other Devices While Streaming

Do you have a lot of internet-connected gadgets in your house? When you’re trying to view Netflix or another streaming service, the sheer number of devices in our homes that rely on internet connection may cause difficulties.

If you’re having trouble streaming on your TV or laptop, look at what the rest of your house is up to. Is it true that your siblings are streaming online?  Or is there a rogue device consuming all of your bandwidth?

Take some time to examine the devices that are hindering your streaming service. Take a walk and figure out what devices are slowing down your service.

  • Use Smart Devices

Latest technology surely gets an edge over the older tactics, although various gadgets come into the market every day that makes choice a bit difficult still, we would recommend you to use smart equipment and the most updated technology. The use of smart devices will utilize bandwidth better and the quality of streaming will be increased.

  • Use Virtual Private Network.

A Virtual Private Network – VPN, is a method for encrypting your data and hiding your IP address by encrypting it and sending it through a secure chain to another location hundreds of kilometers away. This protects you from being discovered when using public Wi-Fi hotspots because it disguises your online identity.

By using VPN, you can dodge the streaming service, pretending to be login from a fake location. This option will make you able to enhance the streaming library, for example, if you are from the US, you cannot access the full library of streaming content that is being displayed in the UK, so to use the streaming library at its optimum extent, you must portray the system that you are from the same location.

  • Check Networking Loops Against Snoopers

When searching your home for network devices that consume excessive bandwidth, you should also look for any unknown gadgets that are interconnected with your network, eating up your share of speed and quality service.

Someone may piggyback on your bandwidth if you live in a location where others can access your Wi-Fi connection and your security is slightly lacking. Someone else using your internet connection might be the cause of why your video streaming service isn’t working.

  •  Wired Connectivity As Alternative To WIFI

Cables are required for optimum performance. Although cables are not in vogue and they are supposed to be hazardous, usually people consider them as a problem child. PC gamers will generally opt for wired peripherals such as mice and keyboards over wireless ones owing to their higher performance.

With an Ethernet cable, your stream will be more stable and consistent. And with faster speeds, you’ll be able to enjoy HD quality streams without lag or delay. Ethernet cables are key for fast networks, but Cat 7 Ethernet cables can support speeds up to 10Gbps.

Your Internet connection will be slower if there are technological limits. A router utilizing the most popular present Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, may top out at 1.3Gbps, while an old one might limit at around 150Mbps. Even if your router reaches its maximum speed (which it won’t!), the link can still suffer from

  • Router Positioning

When your Wi-Fi signal has to travel far and go through thick walls, it will have a hard time. If you can, move the router closer to the device you’ll be streaming to increase security. You’ll have fewer streaming difficulties and better video quality if you can build a more solid connection.

Place your router in an accessible spot, such as by the TV. Keep it away from thick walls, inside cabinets, and other books to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal may flow freely throughout your home.

  • Change Your Wi-Fi Channel

The Wi-Fi signal is broadcast on a specific channel. The typical 2.4GHz frequency WIFI default channel is channel 6. As a result, it’s also the most crowded Wi-Fi channel, and congestion may be an issue in high-density areas.

Multiple Wi-Fi channels are available in the 2.4GHz frequency, and many more are available in the 5GHz frequency channel.

  • Stream On Lower Quality Resolution

Some of the most obvious solutions to improve your video streaming speed appear to be the simplest ones. A simple solution that can make a significant improvement is to decrease your video streaming resolution.

The amount of data your internet connection is attempting to stream varies drastically depending on the resolution you attempt to view a video at. The higher the resolution, the more data is required. Not only that, but it must also be a constant quantity of information to handle high resolutions.

If your videos default to the maximum resolution each time, causing sluggish speeds or endless buffering, change to the next-best resolution. Switching from 1080p to 720p may significantly enhance your viewing experience, both visually and functionally. In most cases, on most mobile devices, you’ll barely notice the difference between these resolutions.

  • Clear Temporary Cache

When we use local storage such as the cache, temporary licenses, and saved documents to store all of our information on our hard drives, it becomes more difficult for our computers to provide fresh data. When a website is updated back end, many of these files become obsolete rubbish. It’s time to figure out how to get rid of your cache files if you want to solve your streaming issues.

  • Incapacitate Hardware Acceleration

This is a solution to the problem that streamers and graphics professionals frequently face. Hardware acceleration is designed to offload some of the workloads from your computer’s CPUs to its GPUs.

According to research, shifting the burden might improve performance for things like streaming and manipulating digital media.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of hardware alternatives on the market that work more often when this option is disabled. If you’ve tried everything else to boost your streaming rates and it’s still not working, look into it yourself and turn off the option.

Bonus Tip

  •  Activate Local Storage

Another approach to enjoy clean video playback is to download movies and shows them to your playback device. You’ll need to consider the films and programs you wish to view. The most popular video-on-demand streaming services, however, now allow you to download and store a certain amount of material.

It’s not the same as streaming a video live, but downloading it ahead of time may help you get through a terrible connection. Instead of attempting to broadcast video during peak hours, when lots of people are on, download a movie or program overnight and watch it the next night.

If you want to discover something new, remove the local files and replace them with something different.


While streaming we ignore many factors that can enhance the watching and downloading experience with the streaming platforms. In this article, we have thrown light on 11 factors including the bonus tip. 

We assure our followers that if they follow the tactics shared in the post they will definitely get benefit from it.