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10 Things You Should Know Before Starting As A Content Creator In 2022 By Talkytimes

Based on a finding made by Globenewswire, the Global Digital Content Creation market growth is expected to reach over $2000 million by 2027. This report shows just how fast the content industry is growing, and this may motivate someone like you to start sharing their content on platforms like Talkytimes where new and existing content creators go to organically promote their profiles to create communities and engage with users who can support them through online gifts, donations or real gifts.

But as you think of becoming a content entrepreneur, you need to understand that entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, and there is so much you will need to do to become successful. Don’t be discouraged to start though, there are so many people who took risks to venture into the content creation industry. Some started streaming on platforms like Talkytimes and others wrote blog posts, and more. Today they are making 6 figures in the content business and have made it a full-time job. 

Content creation needs you to always think of new ideas for your business so that you can make next big steps and impact the lives of your audience at whatever stage of their life they are. 

Before you get deep into the world of content creation, we have found some things that no one will tell you about content creation, these include the difficulties that you may face along the journey.

10 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Content Creation In 2022:

1. You may get bored sometimes 

According to a 2019 report by Staff Squared, about 85% of people hate their jobs. This may also apply to content creation. If you are a writer, for example, you will not always feel like writing a new article, a book, or an ebook. Even when the business presents you with the best opportunities, you may still feel like not wanting to create new content. It is okay not to feel like doing your tasks sometimes, but in the end, you should remind yourself why you took on this career. If you see content creators smiling and looking happy most of the time, or even saying they love what they do, it doesn’t mean they always love their work, but they are responsible enough to get the work done.

2. You can create and share your content with cheap equipment

There are millions of content creators sharing their ideas on different platforms in the world today. Some of them have succeeded in their fields, while others have failed miserably.

So what is the difference between those who failed and those that succeeded?

Some content creators started with no experience and no budget. They bought expensive equipment and invested in expensive courses to help them learn how to create outstanding content. Buying pricey tools or investing in other expensive services can waste your time. You can start immediately by using what you already have like your smartphone. Most smartphones can take really nice photos and videos. You can also record classes or stream using your phone.

The photos or videos you record with your phone may not be perfect, but for a start that is okay. They will help you gain experience and get better at content creation without the need for heavy tools and investments. You may invest in $400 microphones or $1200 cameras before creating any content, and end up giving up within a few weeks or months.

3. It is not always rosy

Every other day life presents us with different kinds of emotions and as a content creator you need to understand this. There are days when you will create engaging content that everyone will fall in love with and days when some of your followers or strangers will hit you with hateful comments or messages. Don’t expect to be praised and liked every day. Don’t spend so much time worrying about someone who called you names instead of being happy for you and the achievements you have made in content creation. If creating content is a full-time job for you, then you will need to get ready to deal with different emotions.

4. You won’t become rich overnight

Don’t start a content creation business with a get-rich-quick mindset. Remember your income on a platform like Talkytimes for instance is dependent on the number of followers you can reach and maintain. You need to be consistent in creating content, so you can reach more people who will support your work.

Most content creators depend on paid traffic, this means that they need to frequently share content that meets the needs of their audience. Don’t look at content creation as a way of making money faster. You cannot become rich by uploading several videos on Talkytimes or YouTube.

5. Some people are going to doubt you

Your friends, family members, and other people close to you may not understand what you are doing creating content. Especially if they have never done content creation before. They may never understand what you are trying to achieve in the long run. All these happen because naturally as human beings we tend to mistrust things we don’t understand. Some will be so skeptical and even try to talk you out of what you are trying to do. Content creation can help you start making an income while your peers are still studying. So you don’t have to rely on anyone’s opinion, just run your business as a creator on your own terms.

Content creation may not look better than other ways of earning an income, but don’t deviate from it, because eventually, you will succeed and get what you want. People’s decisions might be wrong so if you stop being a creator because of others’ opinions, you may feel like a big loser.

The good thing about content creation is that you can do it on the side while studying or working on other things. Some people may question your focus, and others may ask you to complete your studies first. You need to ignore such advice, because it will only bring you down. 

6. Copywriting is key

One of the important skills you need to study as a creator is copywriting. Even if copywriting is not your job, you will need to learn the skill. You need catchy captions for your video or photography, emails and landings for your sales pages and newsletter. On Talkytimes you will need attractive written captions and good communication skills. 

Writing is not as easy as most people think. To write a copy that will make your content sell, can be very difficult, which is why we recommend learning and getting good at it. Another reason why copywriting is important is that: even if you are streaming, your speech skills depend a lot on your writing skills, how good your vocabulary and language is. The amount of income you make from your content will depend on your ability to write great copies too.

7. Support is very important

As a content creator, you are most likely going to start on your own and not as a team. Sometimes starting as a solo entrepreneur can work well. But if you are serious about content creation, you will need to seek the necessary help in order to grow your business. Simply because you started on your own does not mean you have to do everything by yourself. You can create a team, hire freelancers and get help from other experienced content creators. Refusing help may hold you down and prevent your growth.

The moment you accept that you can’t handle everything on your own, you’ll have a huge sigh of relief. Furthermore, you will be able to focus on other things you are good at and perform well at them.

8. You need to motivate yourself

If you are an electrician, whenever an issue needs fixing, you may have to follow instructions on how to go about solving the issue. As a student, you may also need to memorize procedures in order to pass your exams or complete a task. When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are usually no instructions, it is like everything depends on you to know what to do. 

Content creation is even harder in a way, because you have to spend most of the time working on content that is not consumer specified. All you can do is showcase your talent and creativity and hope for the best. After creating your content and showcasing them on a platform like Talkytimes, you may get some positive comments but this will only put a short smile across your face, instead of lasting motivation.

If you want to stay long in the content creation industry, you need to cheer yourself up and motivate yourself after every achievement you make.

9. Content creation is not easy

If you visit some blogs, you will think that writing is fun and easy. You’ll see some nice photos of buildings or gardens and think for a second that photography must be very easy. However, that is not the truth, since many blogs look great and videos look simple but still amazing, it doesn’t mean they are easy to make. Nowadays there is so much competition in the content creation industry; to stand out, content creators need to be unique with their message and consistent with efforts. 

Sometimes back there were fewer writers and fewer videographers than there are today. With many creators available now, the attention from consumers has decreased. Simply because someone watches your video or likes it does not mean they will become a superfan. Also no one will pay for your content, unless they have developed enough trust for you.

Content creation needs you to be innovative, but you can’t rely on your talents alone to be successful. As we have already mentioned, there are so many creators these days, and another way of standing out is to know consumer trends, what they like and what they don’t. Your audience and how impressed they are with your content will determine how much you earn. But people’s tastes change with time. Be careful not to bore your audience with old content when competitors are doing something fun and new.

10. The efforts you put in content creation are worth it

Even though content creation has its ups and downs, it’s still better than most careers out there. Doing what you love for 8 hours is far much better than doing what you hate. Content creation has opened doors to so many people and helped them create companies and businesses that they love.

Turning content creation into a profitable business is not easy, but the journey is full of learning and rewards. You will spend many sleepless nights and weekends working hard and, finally, you will succeed. With content creation, you can work wherever you want. You also get to hire people or choose whom you want to work with.

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