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4 home décor trends to watch for in 2020

2020 has been a crazy year so far, it feels like 2019 is much further back in our history than only 4 months. But nevertheless, it’s the start of a new decade, as we enter the ‘20s now is the perfect time to redecorate your home, so today we’ll be looking at 5 design trends that will be popping up this year.

Colour Pop Cabinets

If you’ve never heard of ‘colour pop’ cabinets, you’re not alone, they’re a new trend emerging in kitchen design according to Modani Kitchens. The basic premise of these colour pop cabinets is to essentially avoid having a plain kitchen, after all kitchens are often themed around a simple colour and can look a bit monotone.

So colour pop cabinets involve having your kitchen cabinets painted in a striking colour to give your kitchen some variety in its colour scheme, a good example would be to have Navy Blue cabinets in a white room, making the cabinets the highlight of the kitchen.

Vintage Vibes Are Back

Vintage has been a decoration concept that occasionally pops back into the design world. But recently it’s been coming back in small amounts, rather than the vintage look taking over a room, it’s supplementing the modern elements of room decoration. So expect to see some old time-y flourishes, but not an all-out Victorian room.

The vintage vibes are usually statement pieces, so real wood blinds, claw foot bathtubs and antique style tables will be popping up in houses around the country. This resurgence is fueled partly by people becoming more conscious of buying everything new, so to reduce their impact on the world, people will be shopping at vintage shops for things they’d otherwise get at IKEA.

Bright Colours Replacing Neutrals

Pretty much every home uses neutral colours in rooms, but after decades of Magnolia walls, it’s safe to say people are tiring of various shades of beige, so we’re seeing more people use bright colours for their rooms rather than the usual mainstay of different tones of beige.

This means that in general, homes are going to be a lot brighter and colourful creating delightfully stimulating rooms in every home with wild colour matches. Whereas beige can be paired with pretty much any colour, bright colours cannot, so before painting your walls red, buying a green sofa and installing yellow carpet, maybe check out a colour pairing chart to make sure you don’t wander into garish territory.

Comfort Over Everything

Historically in design, comfort & style don’t always go hand in hand. But recently comfort has become very fashionable and homely. Having cushions, throws and blankets have become part of what people are calling ‘cosy-chic’ where people are putting their desire to be comfortable and relaxed over the need to be fashionable and designers are catching on to this & designing pieces of homeware with comfort in mind.