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4 Luxury Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable

What’s your perfect destination during your holidays? Where you visit matters and plays a role in determining whether your holiday will be memorable or not. The reason why many Canadians rarely visit various destinations globally is the belief that they are only for the famous and wealthy.

They are made to believe that when they go to such places for their vacations, they will spend ridiculous amounts, thus avoiding them. But that’s a myth that many people have.

A session with one of our experts, Lucas Goldberg (check profile), enabled us to know some of the pristine but luxury vacation destinations. Here are the top Luxury Vacation Destinations to consider.

Riu Palace Makau

If you plan to spend less than $200 per night, then the Dominican Republic has some of the best places for you. Visiting Punta Cana Resort will enable you to spend about $180 per night. You will enjoy your stay in the lavish rooms, fine dining, great shopping, lively entertainment, and even a casino for passionate gamers.

You don’t have to worry about your budget because access to all the resort amenities is under the prepaid plans. If you plan having your holiday in this beautiful country, don’t forget to include Riu Palace Makau. You will enjoy all the things you will have access to and also get food prepared by top chefs.

Visit a Casino

If you are a passionate gamer, who does not like seeing their free time pass like that, visiting a casino will be an ideal option for you. You will meet with other gamers and also share your gaming experience.

Canada has fantastic and top-class casino venues that will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience. Casino Niagara is among the top destinations for many gamers in Canada and has been ranked as one of the scenic casinos in Ontario.

Since 1996, the casino has been a top preference to many people, especially those who love gaming and having a tour of Niagara Falls. It has numerous slots and table games that will enable you to enjoy the gaming experience you need.

Canada is also known for its internet connectivity which means that you can access the best payout online casino games at high speeds. Going through the reviews of various casinos will place you in a better position to land at those that fit your needs most.

British Colonial Hilton Nassau

Do you know that you can spend less than $200 in a four-star Bahamas Hotel? Don’t buy other people’s idea that going to a four-star or five-star restaurant will require you to be rich or famous.

At British Colonial Hilton Nassau, you will be surprised that you will get many things, including accommodation and meals, at less than $200.The restaurant has impressive fancy rooms, private beaches, and shades.

During the day, you will also view the ocean and enjoy the fine breeze from it. Visiting the restaurant will make you feel as if you are a Hilton, and you won’t believe you will be getting all that under a package of few dollars. It’s among the best luxury budget travel options for you.

Playa del Postiguet

Alicante hosts some of the top tourist attraction sites globally. Playa del Postiguet is among the destination that anyone who has visited would not wish to miss. It’s located at the foot of Castillo de Santa Barbara.

If deep waves and cool breezes from the water are what you are looking for, then being at the beach will offer you all that. It’s among the best luxury vacations for couples. It has fine sand and sports rentals that will enable you to have an awesome vacation experience.

Couples like it because it gives them a memorable experience that will live along with them. Those who love swimming would also visit the beach regularly considering that it enjoys peaceful waters.

Also, potential hazards are regularly signposted, thus making it safe for anyone, including the visitors. It’s also next to the famous and lovely harbour where exceptional yachts and boats dock-Marina.

The above cheap vacation ideas for couples and individuals are the best because you will spend less for more. The experience will also be memorable throughout your life. Visit any of them today and enjoy.