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5 Popular NFT Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

The last two years saw a huge and rapid growth of NFT tokens apart from their increasing popularity. These tokens usually facilitate the tokenization of image files, music, and tweets. NFTs are very unique and can never be exchanged for anything exactly similar. Many NFT cryptos are available for sale in the market with numerous new projects getting launched every day. Due to their popularity, they have reached each main cryptocurrency exchange like BitIQ trading robot. In the year 2022, many brands will be participating in the market of NFT. Due to the increasing popularity of NFT crypto, the volume of trading, asset liquidity, and new user number will constantly expand for this market. Read along to become aware of the 5 popular NFT crypto to invest in this year.


  • It is one of the most popular NFT cryptos to invest in now.
  • If you are in search of the best NFT cryptocurrency in the metaverse then this is worth considering.
  • By market capital, it is also one of the largest ones.
  • It is blockchain-based fame that is open-world, users will be able to create avatars in-game and purchase land plots.
  • Such land plots are actually structured as the NFTs. It means it can be traded and monetized with other users.
  • Depending on the network of Ethereum, it provides 3D virtual land plots that are secured with ERC-721 tokens known as LAND.
  • Such virtual real estate can get leased and sold outright by its owner for any profits on its marketplace.
  • By making use of the best cryptocurrency exchange investors will be able to buy MANA and make use of it for buying in-game products.
  • Investors will be able to buy apparel, art, weapons, etc.
  • These NFT cryptos may rise in price as the world of Decentraland will expand and earn popular appeal.

Enjin Coin

  • It comes with applications for the real world.
  • In the industry of gaming, it is laser-focussed.
  • Other than focussing to revolutionize the space of gaming by motivating the player-driven economy, this NFT crypto enables tokenization along with subsequent transfer of every in-game asset across many platforms.
  • It is a network that is Ethereum based and it is now planning to expand into the network named Polkadot that is heterogeneous and will aid in avoiding the high fees that the ETH network accompanies.

The Sandbox:

  • It is one such NFT crypto where you can invest because the ecosystem of cryptocurrency is witnessing huge acceptance.
  • It focuses to revolutionize the industry of gaming by letting to create, share and monetize in-game assets.
  • SAND token rose hugely in the last few months.

Axie Infinity

  • This year, the top NFT crypto to invest Axie Infinity.
  • It is focused to build a solid appeal in gaming.
  • In the community of NFT, it is considered as the ultimate goal because of the partial ownership that all players enjoy by using the protocol of Axie.
  • It has constantly worked on the scalability of its protocol apart from the cost–efficiency and released a layer-two protocol called Ronin.
  • It is Axie Infinity’s integral component.
  • Similar to Decentraland, it structures Axies as the NFTs.
  • On the marketplace of Axie Infinity, Axies along with land will be traded.
  • In this marketplace, some products have driven a very high-cost point.
  • Users will be able to breed Axies and get further NFTs that can get monetized.
  • With such an approach it has become a popular blockchain game, with its native token being utilized for speculating on the expansion of the virtual world.
  • This platform will constantly grow in its popularity and the NFT will increase in value.

Theta Network:

  • It is top crypto to invest in in long term.
  • It aims at revolutionizing content or video streaming service.
  • It will let the users share bandwidth or computing resources in a format that is peer-to-peer.
  • Its decentralized nature will make it hassle-free to stream videos and cut via centralized control.


A lot of high-class names are getting involved in the space of NFT. There has not been a great time to invest in NFT cryptos and capitalize on such a prospective profit-making trend. Select a reliable platform that will offer a huge variety of cryptocurrencies for trading. Opt for those that will charge no fees for transactions when investing and allow you to buy NFT cryptos with a debit or credit card.