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5 Things That Make Fires Much More Destructive

Some things lying around your home will make a fire more destructive. Once it starts, it will be difficult for firefighters to get there before everything burns to the ground, even if you call straight away.

You need to eliminate anything that helps fires burn faster, so it takes longer before your home is engulfed in flames. If you’re lucky, fires will be extinguished before causing any real damage to your property.

1. Excess Trash Lying Around

Do you let trash pile up before taking it outside? It’s worth taking out once you have a few days worth of rubbish. If a fire starts while you’re cooking food, large piles of trash can help it spread pretty fast.

Don’t leave trash and paper lying around other rooms in your home. If you use space heaters to warm the place up, they can reach very high temperatures. It’s hot enough to burn anything that comes into contact with it.

2. Storing Your Oil Properly

A Kidde heat detector will know when the room temperature shoots up, but it won’t be able to detect flammable vapors in the air. The only way you’ll be able to stop oil vapors from making a fire worse is to store it properly.

You need to store oils in proper containers with a tight lid. It’s the same with liquids like gasoline and diesel. If you accidentally spill these on your garage floor, they must be cleaned straight away.

3. Get Rid Of Dust Regularly

I doubt you think dust has an impact on house fires, but it does in some cases. Burning only happens at the surface area of solids and liquids, so a large piece of wood won’t burn all the way through at the same time.

A pile of dust can burn at the same time because it’s so small, so it’s very combustible. Luckily, it doesn’t always help to spread flames around your home. A few conditions need to be met before it’s even possible.

4. Catch Gas Leaks Immediately

I’m sure you’ll have fire detectors throughout your home, which will alert you when they detect smoke. Some people invest in newer models with carbon monoxide detectors, so they’ll be alerted to gas leaks too.

Carbon monoxide detectors won’t tell you if there is a natural gas leak. Instead, you’ll need to invest in a natural gas detector. It’s worthwhile because if there is a gas leak at the same time as a fire, you’ll be in trouble.

5. Dangerous Gas-Filled Tanks

Do you have any gas-filled tanks lying around your home? Some people have propane tanks to help with cooking and heating. If you have an illness that makes it hard to breathe, you could have multiple oxygen tanks.

Keep your propane tanks outside when you’re not using them. It’s unsafe to keep them in your house because they could leak. Tanks should be kept in well-ventilated places, so don’t just throw them into your garage.

Protect Your Home

Fires will cause lots of damage to your home if you don’t extinguish them straight away, so don’t leave things lying around that will cause even more destruction.