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5 Welsh footballers who made Premier League history

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The premier league has brought together the best players from different parts of the world. Wales is among countries that boast of having some of the best to grace the league. Rugby and football are some of the common games that people from this region treasure. Online bookmakers from the region and beyond are also cashing in adding tournaments happening in this jurisdiction to their site. Before signing up to place wagers using apps or virtual gaming sites for any games, it is best to confirm that it is a reputable establishment. Welsh footballers in the premier league have significant contributions to their respective teams. Herein we discuss five Welsh players who made premier league history.

  • Ryan Giggs

It is impossible to mention the success of Manchester United over the years without the name of Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs popping up. Ryan Joseph Giggs OBE is a Welsh football coach. Prior to this, he spent his whole football career playing for Manchester United and momentarily filled in as the club’s interim administrator after the terminating of David Moyes in April 2014.


Currently, he serves as the manager for the Wales national team and is also a co-proprietor of Salford City. He began his career at Manchester City before joining the Red Devils on his 14th birthday. Giggs went on to win thirteen premier league titles, four FA Cup, and two champions’ league titles. He is named among the best players of his era by authoritative bodies in the football realm.

  • James Collins

James Collins is retired from the international scene, but his prowess and achievements in the premier league make him a legend. He is from Wales, and he played for his home team, making a debut in 2004 before entering the premier league. James has played for a number of teams, and his performance at the different football clubs earned him a position among the top Welsh footballers to play in the league. Cardiff, West Ham United, Aston Villa, and Ipswich are the teams that James played for. He played two periods for West Ham United, and he is among players who would not miss on the lineup. Between 2005 and 2018, Collins appeared in a total of thirteen premier league seasons. He made a sum of two hundred and seventy-nine appearances in the premier league. Although he did not have a smooth start, Collins went ahead to be one of the top Welsh footballer players in the premier league.

  • Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey is ranked as one of the creative players to ever play in the premier league. His stellar performance when playing for Arsenal placed this Welsh footballer at the top of the list of players to make history in the premier league. Aaron played for Cardiff during his schooldays and spent a sum of eight years in the youth team. He is the club’s youngest ever first-team player, and this is one of the aspects that propelled him to greatness. Ramsey is a midfielder and, therefore, a crucial part of the teams he was signed to. Other than Arsenal and Cardiff, he has played for Nottingham Forest and Juventus. Ramsey has represented his country in the Olympics and other major leagues, raising the Wales flag high with exceptional performance.

  • Neville Southall

Goalkeepers are an integral part of any football team, and they work hard to ensure that the other team does not score goals. Neville Southall was a renowned keeper throughout his career, and even after retirement, he has continued to contribute to the growth of the rising stars from Wales.

Southall retained solid connections with his previous club Everton and has been instructing goalkeepers and preparing them for careers in the sports world through his connections with the PG10 coaching foundation. These days, he does a ton of work inside a school in Ebbw Vale, assisting young people from underprivileged families to get an education after standard schools reject them. To date, Neville remains the greatest Welsh goalkeeper who made history in the course of his career, including his:

  • Gareth Bale

Loaded with speed, energy, and ruthlessness, not one Premier League defender, figured out how to manage and tackle the legendary forward Gareth Bale. He is a winner of two PFA Player of the Year awards doe his exemplary performance in his 169 appearances on the pitch. When Tottenham let him go, Real Madrid came beckoning with a good deal that saw Bale sign with them. At the point when an opportunity to get back to England came, it was just fitting that this Welsh footballer double back to the team that has made many great from the region. Gareth has been named Welsh Footballer of the year six times, showing that he is good at what he does. In 2016, he was on the ESPN list of the world’s most famous athletes holding position twelve.